A First Time for Everything

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Marcus: Actually, that sounds like a great idea! Why are you just joking?

I say we start to think seriously about this. Are you excited to go on vacation to Florida in July?

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Alison: We go to Florida every year. I was thinking we could go somewhere a little more exciting.

First time for everything

What would you think about Mexico? Donny: But we always go to Florida. Alison: There has to be a first time for everything. I think we should consider it!

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A Bit of a Gamble The First Time Margot Laughed Her First Maternal Protective Instincts The First Eurus Recording The Time Margot Began Teething The First Date Since Margot The First Time He Asked A series of one shots - all related - of all the firsts Anthea and Mycroft experience in their relationship from meeting each other and beyond.

Starts off professional and friendly, but will end up being Mythea.

There Is A First Time For Everything

The first time she met him, the first time he truly trusted her, the first time he really smiled at her, and more. I find myself in love with Anthea and Mycroft and needed to write some stuff for the so this is what happened — a series of one shots that interconnect telling a story of sorts between them. I hope you enjoy it! See the end of the work for other works inspired by this one.

Alice, her name was Alice back then.