Around the World By Faith: With Six Weeks In the Holy Land

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He planned to remain a few days and then proceed to Haifa. She herself had been in bed with fever since Thursday night. That night he had a fever and by the following day his temperature had risen to thirty-nine degrees. This doctor was contacted and immediately prescribed medicine for the beloved Guardian, and came to see him early in the evening when he was able to get away from his hospital.

He examined his patient very carefully; heart, chest, temperature, pulse, etc. However, for the past ten years he had been under the supervision of an excellent doctor, who saw him at least twice a year, and he had consented to take some special cures which were good for his general health and calculated to reduce his blood-pressure.

His doctor often urged him not to overdo things when he returned to Haifa, to get more exercise and more rest. About six weeks before the Guardian passed away, he was examined by this doctor who found him in very good health and his blood-pressure lower than in years.

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The doctor who took care of him in London likewise examined his blood-pressure and found it satisfactory and not high. I have completely lost my appetite. It is now weeks that I have been like this. A great many cables were received and answered by the beloved Guardian during this last week of his life. He was anxious to leave London and carry out his original plan of returning to Haifa; however, the doctor was very severe on this point and told him frankly that he was quite free to call in another doctor if he wished to but that as long as he was taking care of him he could not give his consent to his departure until a week after his temperature had fallen.

The Guardian accepted this. The doctor was very careful of the beloved Guardian. When he came every day, instead of being in a hurry like some doctors, he would sit with the Guardian, examine him thoroughly, and stay usually a half-hour, and one evening he remained an hour to chat with his patient. She replied that he was a religious leader and had many responsibilities.

The doctor told the Guardian that on Friday he could get up and sit in his arm-chair as a change from bed, and in order to get his strength back; but Shoghi Effendi did not want to do this, and he continued his work sitting in bed and resting every now and then. However, all during his illness, the Guardian had gotten up to wash, to get papers from his desk and so on. There was no time when he was too weak or ill to get out of bed, not even the days when he had high fever. He had already worked a great deal on this map; indeed it seems a strange coincidence that the first time and the last time he worked on it should both have been occasions on which he was ill, symbolic of the great sacrifice of his life and strength that went into the conception and prosecution of the World Crusade.

Abut two months before he passed away, the beloved Guardian had had a cold, with a temperature the first night; the next day he had no fever, but it was understood he would remain in bed and rest. It was that day that he worked on his map for the first time, for about ten hours, and it was on Saturday, November 2nd that he worked on it for the last time. There is nothing left to do but check it. I have one or two names to add that I have found in this mail, and I will finish it to-day. How can I go on with this?

I shall have to stop it. It is too much. Look at the number of places I have to write down. Look how exact I have to be! The beloved Guardian looked tired after working on his map that day. He went back to bed and continued reading the many reports he had received. He had only had a mouthful to eat at lunch-time, and he refused to eat any dinner at all. That evening he spoke with great depression. I have no strength left. I am like a broken reed.

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I have no spirit left to do anything more. Now we will be going back — who is going to go up that mountain and make all those plans and stand for hours and supervise the work? Let them stay like that until I see how I feel. And I am not going to furnish the inside of the Archives this winter. It can wait another year, until everything that is needed to furnish it is collected. I shall just see the pilgrims and stay in my room and rest and do the few things that I have to do. I am not even going to take the telegrams back from Jessie and make copies of them and keep all the receipts the way I have done all these years.

She did this in the summer, she can go on doing it in the winter. I am too tired. He told him he could go out if he wanted to and get some fresh air. He also told the Guardian that he had heard over the radio that well over two hundred people had died of influenza during the week, and they discussed this a little together.

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He is a fine man, and a good doctor. He did not wish to get up, preferring to remain in his room, mostly reading his papers in bed, or attending to things on his desk. He later read over the letters that she had written and appended something to one of them. In one of the reports, he read something that caused him intense indignation, and he spoke to her about it. He had also been upset during these past few days by some news given him concerning the activities of some of the Covenant-breakers, and referred to it more than once.

Such things always distressed him. It was then agreed that he would make his last call the following afternoon. At half-past nine she asked him if he would not like to go to sleep, as she was sure he was tired. He asked her:. Stay a little while longer and talk. She did the last few things to make him comfortable before retiring, and after saying goodnight, left the room, asking him before she went to be sure and call her in the night if he needed anything. It would not be correct to say that she had the slightest premonition of what was to come, but she did not sleep well, and her heart was heavy and sad.

The curtains were drawn over the windows and the room was in twilight. She saw the beloved Guardian lying on his left side facing her, with his left hand folded over towards his right shoulder and his right arm over his left one, in a most relaxed and comfortable position. She asked him how he had slept, and if he felt better. When he neither moved nor replied, and he seemed unnaturally still, a wave of agonizing terror swept over her; she leaned over him and seized his hand.

Around the World By Faith: With Six Weeks In the Holy Land

He was ice-cold and absolutely rigid; as the window was not open and the room was very warm, he must have ascended several hours earlier. In spite of her own condition, within two minutes she had reached his doctor by phone at the hospital, and had told him that she was afraid that his patient had passed away, and begged him to come instantly, in case there was something that could still be done.

The doctor arrived shortly. A few minutes later a second physician arrived and confirmed that there was nothing to be done.

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If the best physicians had been standing beside him, they could not have prevented his passing away from the clot of blood that suddenly entered into one of the heart-vessels. His eyes bore no look of surprise, although they were open. They say such deaths are reserved for the just. She thought of the two British Hands of the Cause, so recently elevated to this high rank in the last Message from the beloved Guardian.

Within about an hour he was able to join her, and he telephoned John Ferraby, enjoining him to silence and telling him to come quickly.

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A telephone call was then put through to the Hand of the Cause Ugo Giachery in Rome, and he said he would take the next plane for London. Another call was put in for the Hand of the Cause Leroy Ioas in Haifa, and he was reached late in the afternoon.

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A second cable was sent later in the day to Haifa with the request that it be cabled to all National Assemblies, as she felt that the announcement of his passing should go out officially from the World Centre of the Faith. The text was as follows:. The Old Testament was written in ancient Hebrew.

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The New Testament was written in ancient Greek. We have to understand what the Word of God actually says in order to understand how to apply it to our lives today in this modern world. This summer we are going to be walking dusty and gorgeous roads in Israel with Kathie Lee Gifford as we learn completely new-to-us concepts about the Bible in The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi. The Rock is Jesus. The Road is the Holy Land. And, the Rabbi is the Word of God.

Together, they break down misconceptions and reveal to us the real stories of our Christian history that will rock our worlds! Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of Your law. How exciting is that?! It is loaded up with holy history and holy Scripture so prepare to learn and grow in your understanding and relationship with the Word of God and Jesus Himself.