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As your prospect is speaking, make sure to hold their gaze. Look directly into their eyes for up to five seconds before smiling, changing your facial expression, or altering your gaze. Any longer and you risk having a glazed, unnatural, or creepy expression. Any shorter and you might appear disinterested or impatient. Remember, it's difficult for some people with autism, social anxiety, or Asperger Syndrome to make or hold eye contact.

If someone is avoiding your gaze, be sensitive to their needs and hold a soft gaze that doesn't make them uncomfortable. Instead, say, " I see where you're coming from. Would you mind if I offered a different opinion? And, instead of saying, " To be honest with you, " or " I don't want to waste your time, " simply be honest with your prospects from the start, and you won't have to clarify your statements.

When you ask, " Is this a car you're ready to buy today? Payment, cash down, and trade-in value are all part of this process. Wait until the buyer is in love with the car and ready to buy.

How Much Do Car Salesmen Really Make?

Then, leverage your sales manager to negotiate a price that will give your buyer a fair deal and maximize the dollars in your dealership's pocket. There will be slow days and weeks at your dealership. Use downtime to your advantage, and challenge yourself to never be bored. Use slow days to learn about your cars, read about next year's models, listen to podcasts that hone your skills, and follow up with prospects.

The best way to get ahead of the other salespeople on your floor? Use sales lulls to become stronger at selling. Having trouble getting customers to give you their phone number before they leave? Close for their phone number before you take them on a test drive. Your prospect doesn't want to jeopardize a chance to drive the car, which will make it easier for you to ask, "Alright, you're almost ready for the test drive.

All I need is a phone number at which to reach you. When you do follow up, start by asking how they are. Then, instead of saying, " Well, have you thought any more about the car?

How do car buying websites work?

Your follow-up obligations don't end when your prospect buys a car from you. Call them a week or 10 days after their purchase to see how they like their new car. Write them a thank-you note and ask them to keep you in mind next time they're shopping for a new vehicle. If your customer buys a car from you, be there for the technical walk-through and personal inspection. Offer to take your buyer's picture and be excited for them. This is a big purchase and something most people want to celebrate.

If your prospect says they need a few days to make a decision, be understanding, tell them you'll follow up, and walk them to the door. This keeps you top of mind, and it avoids making them feel like you're frustrated they didn't buy. You've likely encountered some bad advice during your sales training.

Know when to leave it behind and go with your gut. Does a career as a car salesperson interest you?

1 - Get His or Her Name and Remember It

Here are the steps you'll need to take to join this profession. Most job postings for car salespeople require a high school diploma or GED. While a college degree isn't required, it can be helpful if you hope to eventually move into a sales management position.

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If you aspire to manage the sales team, consider pursuing a degree in sales and marketing, general business, or economics and finance. This will give you the business knowledge to manage a team and structure your sales program. Previous sales experience isn't always required. Car salespeople rely on communication, negotiating, and people skills -- these skills can be developed in a sales role or in a customer service role. Experience working face-to-face with clients and customers e. Plus, once you accept a position as a car salesperson, many car dealerships will provide training so you know exactly what you're selling and how to sell it.

Depending on which state you choose to work in, you might need to get a license before you can begin selling cars.

In California, for example, you need to apply with the DMV to earn your car salesperson license. With your prior education, experience, and license you're all set to begin selling. Remember, today's consumers have many options. The old pushy tactics that worked 20 years ago likely won't earn you the sale today. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes.

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Automotive Buy Sell Report | Dealership Buy Sell News and Resource Center

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. If you're at quota, you get to keep your job.

How I started a car dealership at 23 with no money!

If you don't, you're at risk of being fired. Pack fees will be different for new and used cars, as will commission rates. More questions on Quora :. Buying Cars : What are the best bargaining techniques when buying a car from a dealer? Cars and Automobiles : Why are American cars seemingly less reliable than Japanese cars? Thousands of vehicles are sold in Florida every year. As a seller, there are certain things you should know before selling a vehicle, including the process to transfer the title.

Most importantly you will want to protect yourself by completing a Notice of Sale, which removes your name from the vehicle so you are no longer civilly liable for the vehicle you sold.

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Florida law requires sellers to file a Notice of Sale as of July 1, If you would like to file a complaint with the department, your vehicle dealership has gone out of business or simply want to identify more resources, please click below to learn more. Consumers can take steps to educate themselves about flooded vehicle sales.

Protect yourself from becoming a victim of fraud. Learn to identify and avoid fraudulent practices and ensure your consumer safety. Know the rules and regulations for golf carts, low speed vehicles and other non-traditional vehicles to stay safe on Florida roads. An alert driver can avoid a crash by knowing more about staged crash fraud schemes, motorists can avoid fraud schemes.