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Or even siblings competing for likes on a profile picture? No doubt that technology has some great benefits and advantages. But the flipside to it can make you emotionally crippled, constantly looking to external factors for attention and approval. Or it could put too much pressure and stress on your thought-feeling-action system.

Find your balance

You can reach out to people at any time. With just one click you can call, connect, and chat with your loved ones.

Such round the clock availability of your near and dear ones makes you feel secure and comfortable. But this constant use of technology can also be exhausting for your heart, mind, and body. The Pew Research Centre conducted a study in , that was titled- Millennials will benefit and suffer due to hyper-connected lives. And the survey revealed that increasing impatience, frequent distraction, and a desperation for constant entertainment are a few ill-effects that such constant connectivity can have on the millennials.

Social media has truly changed modern lives.

World Water Vision: Balancing Thoughts after The Hague

You still get reminded to wish them on birthdays, anniversaries, and all other important occasions. And you also get to be with each other in tough times, albeit in spirit. In a way, interpersonal relationships have never been better than now. A recent report by BBC Future explains how social media is negatively impacting its users.

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Some of the common emotional problems that it mentions are: stress, mood swings, anxiety, depression, sleep-related problems, addictive behaviour, self-esteem issues, negative impact on overall well-being, and inculcating negative feelings like envy and loneliness. Apart from all these, it also harms relationships. But a life that is lived by being in the present moment will keep you emotionally stable.

So, stop striving to enhance your social media page than that of others. Rather, focus on making each day in your life better than yesterday. I could, however, do with upping my game at work, this is true and might make me more confident.

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  7. By: brett jordan. The proofs you find must be provable facts. He could have been talking to the manager about anything at all. Studies show that the more you practise this process of reaching a balanced thought, the more it becomes an automatic process for your brain. And given the proven benefits of balanced thinking, this is more than worth the effort.

    Balancing Thoughts

    The concept is that a negative thought leads to a negative emotions, which causes a negative action, which then causes another negative thought, and the cycle goes on. Once started, the spiral is hard to break.

    Chakra Balancing & Thought Control

    But stopping long enough to catch the negative thought and replacing it with a balanced one is one way to do so. No, cognitive behavioural therapy does not just teach balanced thinking, although this process is a useful part of working with a cognitive behavioural therapist. It also, for example, focuses on how your behaviours are creating your moods. If you are struggling constantly with low moods and have negative thinking, CBT therapy is a great place to start.

    Part memoir, part self-help…fully inspirational!

    CBT is also evidence-based proven repeatedly to work by research studies for alleviating depression and anxiety. Harley Therapy can connect you with cognitive behavioural therapists CBT in three London locations or worldwide via Skype counselling. Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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