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Olive white-eye recovery programme. Conservation translocation Re-establishment of a wild Sihek population. New Zealand fairy tern recovery Recovery planning for the rarest breeding bird in New Zealand.

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Conserving Native Birds. ZSL works to protect iconic and threatened bird species.

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Vulture conservation in India Halting catastrophic declines in India and Nepal's iconic vulture species Hihi conservation in New Zealand. House sparrows are down 42 per cent compared with results from , while starlings are down 48 per cent Blackbirds are also disappearing from the borough's gardens, with their numbers down 29 per cent over the decade.

Except from the feral pigeon, all of the borough's top ten birds have decreased Starlings have seen the steepest drop, down 49 per cent while Sparrows dropped by 42 per cent and blackbirds by 38 per cent. Over the past 10 years, all of the top ten birds in Ealing have suffered a decline in numbers Starlings have vanished faster than other species with a 48 per cent drop.

One in every five gardens has fewer house sparrows and one in every four has fewer blackbirds The variety and number of birds commonly found in gardens in Greenwich has dropped over the past decade, expect from the feral pigeon. Numbers of blackbirds and starlings have dropped by 36 per cent and 13 per cent respectively since while robins have declined by 22 per cent.

Wild Parrots in London

Hammersmith and Fulham. Goldfinches have increased 25 per cent since However, all other garden birds have disappeared with the number of starlings decreasing by 61 per cent in the period.

One in five gardens are now home to goldfinches while blackbirds have increased by 23 per cent The house sparrow and starling have seen their numbers almost halve since Since , starlings have suffered a 40 per cent decline and house sparrows a 32 per cent fall in numbers. The starling was found to be the most popular followed by house sparrows and woodpigeons Garden birds have decreased with just just feral pigeons and blackbirds showing a rise in number.

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The top three most common garden species - starling, blue tit and house sparrow - are all down in numbers compared with a decade ago Blackbirds, feral pigeons and goldfinches did show some increase in numbers. Goldfinches have increased by per cent over the last decade However, seven out of the top ten most common garden birds have fallen. Pigeons have dropped in numbers while goldfinches, blackbirds and great tits have increased RSPB suggested the borough's bird population is particularly susceptible to extreme weather conditions.

Kensington and Chelsea.

Which Are London's Commonest Birds? | Londonist

The survey data is for the whole of Greater London, not just the centre, and is based on thousands of observations by Londoners. Woodpigeon , house sparrow , starling , blue tit , feral pigeon , common blackbird , ring-necked parakeet , magpie , robin , great tit , goldfinch , carrion crow , collared dove , dunnock , long-tailed tit , common gull , chaffinch , coal tit , jay.

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  • We've shown only the most commonly sighted birds. Many others were spotted, including such exotics as treecreepers, waxwings, yellowhammers and buzzards. The full data can be downloaded as a spreadsheet from the Big Garden Birdwatch results page.

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