Careless Memories of Strange Behavior: My Notorious Life as a Duran Duran Fan – A Single Notes Book

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She grew up in Washington DC and was surrounded by diverse culture, arts, and music at a very young age. Bruce Springsteen was a household staple and when Caitlin heard Clarence Clemons [from The E-Street band] "rip" on "Born To Run" for the first time, she was entranced and began her pursuit to secure a career in the music industry. Heavily inspired by a plethora of our history's greatest players, [such as Clemons, John Coltrane, and Sonny Rollins], Payne picked up the alto saxophone at the age of eight, and trained classically throughout her younger years.

Caitlin played in all different style bands her high school offered and most especially loved going back and forth between her alto and six other woodwind instruments in "pit band" during the winter and spring musicals. Simultaneously, Payne landed first-chair in jazz band and received other prestigious musical awards throughout her high school career. To this day, that experience has been a highlight of her musical journey, as she learned one of the most valuable lessons in life and in her career thus far; music is a universal language. Payne currently works at FremantleMedia North America in Burbank, CA, where she oversees and develops music strategy for the global production, distribution, and entertainment powerhouse.

On a day to day basis, Caitlin works diligently with all of FMNA's broadcast and digital productions, providing music creative services, clearance and licensing. I recognize that the content we produce and distribute is not just television, it is a legacy. I have the utmost respect for what Fremantle has done over the years and for what Fremantle is currently doing," Payne says. Caitlin is an Associate Member of The Recording Academy, and continues her advocacy for music education. With another exciting Grammy season upon us, Caitlin hopes that Adele wins every single nomination because let's just be honest, "she's the freakin' best!

Alyeska is both the archaic spelling of Alaska and the name LA-based Montana native Alaska Reid chose for her indie rock band. A feeling of loneliness and confusion about the world around us and what the future holds. Combine them with some terrific songwriting, and a brilliant, dynamic song is born. If the band was in Brooklyn, they likely would be immediate indie stars, which will eventually arrive if they continue to make such riveting music.

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Will Makar is now residing in Los Angeles, California. His music is a combination of memorable pop hooks and radio-ready rock with an unforgettable live show that comes from hard work, commitment, and a live band with deep musical talents. His video channels have garnered , views over the last year and these numbers continued to grow. Will's set to record a new song once a month that will have a refreshing blast of energy, musicianship, and memorable hooks equally at home on stage as it is in your headphones.

Aaeidi vocals , Neal Gardner guitar , Ian Hall bass , and Lorenzo Scott drums formed the band in early , with the intention of writing well-crafted music meant to be performed live on-stage. The Girl and The Glory's music is very melodic, edgy and groovy. Mix in a strong female voice, and you have the makings of very memorable music.

Duran Duran

The process was truly a labor of love and respect for the group, and the music reflects this. The band's exciting live set features fantastic hooks, music that will move you, and vocals that really need to be experienced. Growing up as one of 9 kids in a musically diverse home, brothers Bronson and Preston was exposed to all the music they could handle and more than enough instruments needed to express themselves.

Spending the long, cold Wisconsin winters the same way they spent the hot and beautiful summers, practicing their craft. After achieving success as the globally recognized latin duo, Taalbi Brothers, Bronson went on expressing a different side of himself as a singer and as a songwriter. What started out as a "one day one song" demoing session, quickly turned into "3 days, 6 songs" and before they realized it, the brothers had themselves their first EP as Bronson Wisconsin.

Very earnest with a "salt of the earth" quality to it, it doesn't hold back, and is very successful at steering clear of the overtly clean and faux americana that has taken over the 'dad-rock' radio market. Selected marijuana distributors and merchandisers will be showing off their current and upcoming products. Don't miss the first in what we hope to be many unique music and marijuana related co-branded events. Out of their entire set that night, it was this song that had me doing a double take at several points.

Yes, they really are that good, and I hope to be a more frequent visitor to from here on out, and I would encourage fellow fans to make a point to catch them at a future show. Rio on Instagram -R. Glad you enjoyed their show. This is extraordinary! We are honored to have such a glowing review from such a die-hard Duranie! If you'd like to follow us on Twitter, Youtube and Instagram to find other giblets of information, these are those locations!

I'll update the blog here to include those links as well…and once I get back from vacation, I'm going to add those links permanently to the sidebars. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Tribute bands have never been my thing, to be honest. The tribute band has a difficult decision to make: do they choose to recreate the past and risk alienating the diehard fans? Should they recreate the music, using the bands original framework as merely a guide and once again alienate diehard fans who know every single note? Duran Duran aka The Wedding Album was issued 25 years ago today. Leave a comment with your thoughts on the album and this era.

Since Andy Taylor is out of the band, how about letting Warren Cuccurullo back in? The band needs a great guitar player! Great article,you seem to have covered everything regarding this excellent album. I also feel that the decision to remove Warren from their line up was a poor one — for me, their output was far more interesting when he was around.

Great article, Paul. It has a beautiful arrangement. What the heck are you on about?? Of course they are!! Great article Paul! I was nodding my head in agreement with so many things as I was reading it. Especially, regarding Too Much Information. I was working for Capitol around that time and a promo cassette appeared in mid with a slightly different track list and was set for imminent release. I grabbed one and was playing the heck out of it for a week or so and then everyone was abruptly told to return all copies as the album was put on hold.

I believe there was a management change and then the album reappeared on the schedule for early with Come Undone and Femme Fatale replacing what ended up being two b-side tracks. It seems like those two tracks were recorded during that interim period since they never appeared on any of the demo collections that are floating around for the album. Of course, it all worked out for the best since Come Undone might not have been written if the album had been released in Femme Fatale was alright but I think it probably would have been better as a b-side.

Apart from the guitar solo I thought it was very Walker Brothers when I first heard it. Too Much Information is a great, great track — my favourite DD track ever. Bit of filler, some naff lyrics you peeled me like an onion skin…? Thanks for reminding me…I loved that record shop. I went through the lot over a number of years. Sadly they had a flood in the basement and everything that was left got damp or ruined.

They all ended up in a skip outside! I seem to recall I bought the CD on the day it was released and was really impressed by it, though I will agree that a few tracks could be omitted i. Shotgun and Femme Fatale. Never a fan of Duran Duran although I did like and buy Planet Earth but later gave it to some girl in a failed attempt at wooing her but I did enjoy your piece Paul, thanks!

Great article!

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Give it another listen! Fab review Paul, thanks. I never got the album till years later. I remember hearing Ordinary World for the first time and failing instantly in love with it, the melody and words blew me away. I was also shocked that Duran could have a hit again.

Duran Duran - Notorious

Because of this album I was able to see them live for the first time. Plus I got to see the incredible Astronaut Tour, and 2 years ago the Paper Gods tour with Nile Rodgers, seeing him play live on Notorious with them was a concert highlight for me. Would this of happened had the Wedding album and Ordinary World not been a hit?

This is another great in depth article Paul, one of the reasons that many of us check into your site on a daily basis. Great article. I do disagree with some points, particularly that Big Thing was an excellent album. I think those 7 tracks along with Fallen Angel would make a great 8 track album. Also there is a great unreleased track from this era called Matter of Fact. Paul, what is that DD book you are holding. I have all of them, including Arcadia! I think it was the last one that was issued.

I have the book for this album too, the sheet music. Very creative and satisfying choices. I thought at the time that someone at Capitol really knew their stuff, when it came to Duran Duran. These were much better than the two UK CD singles. But agree that the album has at least 2 more singles in Love Voodoo or None of the Album.

EMI seemed to throw in the towel by Fall of while the right fourth single could have carried the album into the holidays to conincide with the MTV Unplugged. It just soars, funks, and grooves, all at the same time… one of those endlessly repeatable codas that should have gone on for 30 more minutes. I can see why Too Much Information was chosen, but that kind of acerbic diatribe rarely makes much of an impact.

Ordinary World and Come Undone are indeed brilliantly-crafted classics. Probably the worst single of their career, and to lead off a new album project with it… just insane. It sunk the album. My Antarctica is clearly the one real classic DD song on the album, although Serious is excellent as well. Neither of those feel like a first single, though.

See a Problem?

The supporting cast was mostly there, but not that big first single to really launch the project. What a truly wonderful article. They appear on bootlegs and i watched what i think was an acoustic MTV thing in the early hours of this morning having linked up my phone to my TV for the first time i watched over 2.

The female backing vocalist on these performances is Lamla i presume i have the right spelling. One thing i must strongly disagree though is regarding new albums. It is incredible to see behind the scenes at what record companies believe is a hit song or not… Ordinary World is one in a million! One of my all-time favorite songs, start to finish. I still have it to this day, and spin it routinely.

There are gems on those other s Duran Duran albums too! Paul, articles like this are truly why I feel your corner of the internet is so valuable. Thanks again! One drawback of this album was the fact that the Night Versions the band recorded in the eighties were a distant memory by the time this came out and all we got were terrible 90s remixes. I will add my 2c worth — My Antarctica, off Liberty, is in my top 3 favourite Duran tunes ever and Serious is in my top Not bad for such a bad album.

Even though it is widespread knowledge that bands earn more money with tours rather than records I guess owing to reduced sales these days, otherwise I would not imagine another specific explanation; pardon my limited intelligence for what regards economics or pop music contracts I never thought as DD willfully neglecting releases themselves but i have always rather pointed at the record company for being inept. EMI have been fantastic in their three celebratory reissues, both with the choice of additional tracks and with the graphics which were a perfect extension of the original see the double vinyl sets.

And I believe you are especially considering the current vinyl resurgence. But it does not take a genius to reissue at least The Wedding Album and I believe that even Medazzaland and Pop Trash would be well received [maybe the former more than the latter] should they receive a first time vinyl print. I never heard TWA in full because I was not convinced enough by its singles and I postponed its purchase never imagining that the vinyl would have become so rare or so expensively valued in a ridiculous way see Violator.

So get on with it Warner, start doing a bit of work and among the avalanche of reissues of all kinds that is going on start releasing all the vinyl that is being asked for by the DD fanbase. Mark Ronson is the only one if Alex Sadkin were still here it would be great too, or even Colin Thurston….

All the records I have happened to read as produced by him appear to have been disasters. I despise him really. There was genuine buzz and enthusiasm about the song, and I also bought the album on release day. I thought the production sounded deliberately crude and harsh, and self-consciously surfing the grunge and electronic genres of the times, neither of which actually suited them. Thanks for the review! Great review Paul! Angel and Stop Dead should have been included, as well as Time for Temptation…. When the re-issue double cd came out in , I was disappointed with the versions on there compared to the US versions….

Nice article Paul. I like the whole setting, and your experience in that record store. I have fond memories of visiting stores packed with promos and exclusive items, and wondering what I might find on any given visit. I agree the record was a bit long, I still think the US single version of Fallen Angel is superior to the one released on the UK special edition and could have replaced one of those less dynamic songs you listed. It is a bit of a surprise that this record never got a proper deluxe treatment, and vinyl reissue, as a landmark record that brought the band back from the dead, it really has been unfairly neglected.

You should do that more often. I agree. Paul great write up. Even for a semi-fan for me. A real delight to read. I lived in Shepherds bush so frequented out those stores and Notting Hill. As well as the the little ones round Soho. I recall the charity store on Marylebone always had promos in there all the time so reckoned some record company was offloading stuff there all the time. I was never a huge fan of Duran Duran but I did like them, so would buy the singles and occasional albums. Unfortunately the one flop rule still applied and pretty soon they were gone off the radar for many. I was lucky enough to see them for free at a Glasgow Hogmanay Party in George Square around about then.

Ahhh, Duran Duran. Just remember thinking it was excellent. I did not buy the album. Nor the single. The video was excellent I remember thinking. I bought it. And it came with the DVD. I once again got in to Duran Duran. My new-found appreciation for Duran Duran blossomed a little.

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And there is an improvement in sound, just to note for any of you wondering. And needless to say I was blown away. I was blown away. I always liked the song. But watching this video was an eye-opener. I had no idea they were so Fantastically cool back then. And what can I say?

How could I have missed this? How could I have not been paying attention all that time? It is so strange.

An outspoken examination and celebration of fandom!

But that is what happens is that I find I have gone back and listened to some music and either found something new I like or re-discovered bands or artists. All the time. I plan to buy it at some point. Paul, your writing was fun to read, and the excitement of when the songs and album came out back in I remember the excitement because that album came out of nowhere.

It was just a sudden surprise. And it was a very good album I might add. One of their best. DM, Ultra. Thanks Paul for this. It the reverse of the way DJs would always play singles about radios. Nice long article! I used to be a DD fan from when Rio came out, up till about Big Thing, which is also one of my favourites. Wedding album was quite good but not very exciting. The title track is amazing. I am biased towards Pop Trash, maybe because the Pop Trash tour was the only time I have ever seen them live. The problem here was a bad choice of lead single Someone else not me sounds like a bad copy of ordinary world.

I actually prefer all John Taylor solo albums now. Good article Paul! Your article shows a true passion for music — I also take a chance to thank you for your work at Superdeluxe for keeping us updated with new releases : Bye Sandro. In the end there were a lot of singles, remixes, versions… so it was a commercial succes in my opinion. Ordinary World multiple formats worldwide, incl. Really great piece!

As a life long fan, I find myself going to Liberty more as I get older and it has some decent moments. The best from these two albums would be a solid compilation. I was so excited because DD were clearly back! Saw that tour in Florida and they were on fire. But as strong as TWA was it is albums like Liberty and Medazzaland that make them a more interesting band to me.

Sadly John admits himself that he was mostly checked out during this era so he ended up being buried in the mix a lot. I do like much of what came out of these wilderness years but it did prove unsustainable in the end aka no hits.

Rio, the DD Tribute Band - gig at Sainte Rocke 7/12/13 - Review - The Daily Duranie

There is no doubt TWA gave them that extra mileage to carry on. Love this band and this album although it really needs a serious sonic upgrade, preferably with the Bonus single mixes. They were treading water here and probably trying to get ahead of the curve while all the time forgetting they were never part of the curve. You can see it all over his face in the video — thin as a rake, that blank, dead look in his eyes. And letting Warren over-dub some really fantastic, experimental guitar work on the second side my favorite, BTW really was the cherry on that sundae.

Great article Paul. The Wedding Album was one such casualty. Must be something to do with rights, contracts, and all that sort of twaddle. Really good article Paul! I too prefer the single mix. I gave it a spin this evening o:. Yes, the single mix is better. Great read. I had all but given up on DD with liberty after being a fan from day 1. I remember waking up at a friends house one Saturday after a heavy night. We had the TV on i saw and heard the ordinary world video for the first time.

I had no idea a new single was on the way and i almost cried, it was that good! I was very hungover, mind you. Ordinary World was great and that got me back into the fold, although I never really warmed to its parent album. I did go and see them play a rescheduled? Melle Mel joined them for White Lines, which may have been a first. I was at that Wembley gig. I also went to the Dominion show around this time, where they played a semi-acoustic show with strings.