Come Monday: My Journey on The Pink Ribbon Road

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Come Monday, I hope I will be a woman with a new lease on life, plans to make, dreams to fulfill, an old age to look forward to. I hope it will be glad Monday.

Black Sea: Landmarks

But this is Tuesday; the Tuesday after Sad Monday. The radiologist called it a mass, and I was not surprised. I saw it as the ultrasound technician marked it on her machine—the machine they send you to when the second set of digital mammogram images confirm the alarms the first ones raised. Not that I was taken totally by shock. Although she felt no mass, this diagnostic mammogram was a precaution. A melanoma was removed from my arm last summer. And two aunts had recently died from cancer, one of them from breast cancer.

I felt that I had moved from the category of a woman with no risk factors to one with glaring risks—a woman marked by genetics and probably too much sun bathing before we knew about sunscreens and cancer. So I am not surprised, or even very hopeful of a good outcome. The radiologist agreed with me when I used the word aggressive. I went back to your mammogram from last year. There was nothing there—not even a shadow, just totally clear.

Come Monday, I hope she and I are both happily wrong. But Monday seems a long way off. Today I will count my blessings and take comfort in the numbers of people who hold me in their prayers. I wrap myself in the prayers of the saints like a talisman or warm blanket to stave off the cold fear that nips at the edges of my peace. Usually a private person, I have guarded carefully my minor scrapes with illness, but this time I keep adding myself to prayer chains of friends, Bible study partners and any who would be willing to pray for me.

Come Monday My Journey on The Pink Ribbon Road by Carolyn Mustian

Tracy came to sit with me yesterday afternoon and offer the comfortable presence of a niece who loves me. Then she called today just to see how I am doing. She has been ill herself with so many maladies that I am thankful she has the energy to call. She will take me for my biopsy tomorrow and that is fitting. Sometimes women need other women with them, and tomorrow Tracy will be my companion, my sister in the Lord who will walk with me on this piece of my journey. Last night, Tracy called and passed the telephone to her brother Michael Wayne.

Then he thought about texting, but words eluded him in that medium as well. He told me for what it is worth that he said a prayer for me last night. If this is what it takes to call him to prayer, thank you. Her call was another confirmation that God has everything under control. Come Monday, I will probably cry some more. Janet had no idea that I was wondering what to do about next Wednesday. So God put it on her heart to call me and take back her rightful place a week early—thus blessing me, while also perhaps hinting at the inevitable as well.

He deserves to get through this first long day without complications, I thought, even if the complication was me. When I walked in the door at home, my son Andrew was rushing to get the old spa ready for removal before the electrician arrived to prepare for the new one arriving Wednesday.

Then he and his brother David argued about whether Dave would help him outside in the bitter cold Virginia January. Finally, the dyke of pent up fearfulness—no, more accurately, sadness, and dread, like a hammer about to fall—began to leak around the edges. Andrew walked into the kitchen, saw me dressed up and said, Where have you been today mom?

And this time, I dutifully followed him up the steps, like a child follows her parent, roles reversed; but eager, actually, to tell someone face to face. As we stepped into my room, I began to cry, and he came and pulled me tightly to his chest. He held me and let me cry. How striking that it is my son who wipes my tears, hugs me tight, and longs to make everything right, as I did for him so many times when he was young. We called David upstairs, and I told him my dreadful news.

Both boys offered words of encouragement, and then David said, Can I tell my praying buddies? And thus began the wrapping of myself in prayers. I think of the strangers I have prayed for because someone knew someone who knew me. There was another prayer warrior who called me yesterday.

Come Monday: My Journey on The Pink Ribbon Road

As I stood in the Ukrops grocery line, where I had popped in after the mammogram to grab a few items, Alice Kish rang my cell phone to be sure I was still available to sub for the CBS home school teens on Thursday. Of the Christians I know, Alice was certainly one welcome voice. By all accounts, the accident should have been fatal.

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I was glad to hear the voice of one who had faced death with the grace and power of God. I cupped my hand around the phone and my mouth to speak quietly my dreadful news so strangers could not hear. Alice prayed for me as I clutched the phone and spoke powerful words of encouragement—scripture and blessing poured on a woman in shock. Thank you, God that she called and prayed with me as I waited in that long line. You always have your people in place for the needs of the moment.

I think at least in part it was because I was so stunned and telling Ward was the hardest thing I had ever said to the man I love so dearly. I knew it would cut deep into his heart and I felt guilty, somehow, to be the cause of so much trouble. And perhaps I feared that saying the words would make it more real and more dreadful—I was about to change both of our lives forever. So many unanswered questions, like a foggy monster, loomed over me.

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View More on Our Blog 24 Sep. Black Sea: Turkish Cities From cities filled with culture, industries, and history to tiny villages nestled in the mountains. So, if you don't put your shoes in the hallway bin, you may just experience the wrath of my internal furnace from hell in seconds. My kids, like many others, complain about equality. Are they getting the same amount of toys, screen time, etc. I mean, do you really need the exact amount of Goldfish as your sibling? I can usually deal with this. But, during a hot flash?

That's a different story. Of course, it's not anyone's fault that these surges happen and I guess because a there really isn't anything I can do about it and b I have no idea when, if ever, they will end, it just makes me feel crazy and a little sad. So, forgiving myself for my hormonal tirades is hard. I like that I can use music to get myself back on track. I love P! NK's new song for the upcoming Alice in Wonderland movie, " Just Like Fire " - helps me to feel good about myself and who I am because there is no one else like me and that's a good thing.

Let me know if you have any music that helps you, I'd love to hear it! W hen we departed for our RV journey, at "O-Dark-Thirty", we left with fingers crossed and 2 feverish children. For the most part, we are glad we took this adventure; we tried something new and showed the kids a beautiful part of the country. We also shared stories about Steve's dad's love of camping and the outdoors.

Would we do it again? Probably not, and that's o. Maybe it should be that special to be forever called, "The One and Done".

American Truck Simulator - Pink Ribbon Charity Event - October Breast Cancer Awareness

We have some pretty funny memories to cherish for a lifetime. I'm sure the kids will be talking about me flying towards the back of the RV and landing on the bed for many years to come!

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We made some little pit stops along the way to break up the trip. My favorite surprise was stumbling onto the Bush's Beans Factory Museum and Cafe - a nice interactive set of displays for the kids! If you love camping and have always wondered whether you should try an RV, I say go for it. Your camping skills will give you the foundation you need to have an enjoyable RV experience. Do your research about driving routes, packing lists, parking restrictions we didn't tow a car with us , and campgrounds.

We are thankful for the kind soul who told us, "your tire is about to blow! Steve's toolbox saved us many times - the carbon monoxide alarm going off at am was not in our plans! Driving all of Tennessee was a recipe for overextending ourselves, but we didn't see that until it was too late to make any changes. We have a formula for our spring break trips and we had missions to accomplish! So, for a week timetable, I would suggest a shorter distance.

I admire those driving RVs cross-country - I would like to know the shortest time someone has done that trip. You may already be thinking that this type of vacation isn't for you and that's totally understandable. Or, maybe you are still wondering about renting an RV? For us, visiting the awe-inspiring campus of St. Jude's was critical for us and our kids to remember to serve others and give thanks every day.