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MARK J. Marine Ornithology In the San Francisco Bay area, California, the Double-crested Cormorant Phalacrocorax auritus population has recovered from significant declines to reach breeding population sizes comparable to those from the late 19th century, when only one colony offshore at the South Farallon Islands SFI was known. The recent replacement of the bridge hosting one of the current largest colonies prompted a comprehensive assessment of Bay Area breeding population trends through However, missing counts at many colonies before prevented calculation of precise, long-term growth rates.

Subject areas emphasized include archaeology, architecture, art, drama, fine arts, history, literature, music, philosophy, science and social sciences. Duxiu This link opens in a new window. This bibliographical index database provides full text search capability to more than million volumes of e-books and other materials including dissertations, journals, magazines, web pages and newspapers.

The first 17 pages of each e-book are available for preview. Document delivery is also available. Eighteenth Century Journals This link opens in a new window. Eighteenth Century Journals draws together material from some of the finest archives across the UK and the US representing the rich variety of the eighteenth century press.

It makes available unique and extremely rare eighteenth century periodicals online conveying the eclecticism and evolution of the publishing world between and While the journals were published predominantly in the UK, there are items published in other English-speaking areas such as India. Emerging Sources Citation Index This link opens in a new window. The system uses the scholarly works of our tenured and tenure-track faculty as well as those of selected research faculty and staff to identify, catalog and make searchable the competencies and capabilities that exists across the university.

University experts can be identified by searching research units, scientific terms and concepts, as well as full text taken from requests for proposals RFP , funding opportunity announcements FOAs , news and journal articles, patents descriptions, business plans, etc. Questions and concerns can be emailed to experts asu. Renowned as one of Russia's premier journals of cinema, Iskusstvo kino offers more than Russian and foreign movie reviews, articles on filmmaking and cinema culture, criticism, and essays. Iskusstvo kino traces Russian arts and culture from the 'socialist realism' era through contemporary filmmaking.

Note: This is a trial resource until July 19, Description: It includes a wide range of journals, ebooks, and research reports in the field of sustainability. The subjects of resilience and sustainability are explored broadly, covering research on environmental stresses and their impact on society. An e-book collection of leading authors from around the Arab world. Includes over 11, titles. Classified by 27 genres and subject areas.

Krasnyi arkhiv was a scholarly historical journal published in Moscow in Published important archival materials on the history of Tsarist Russia and the early years of the Soviet Union. The Krasnyi Arkhiv. Digital Archive contains the entire collection volumes, 1, articles, more than 23, pages , completely digitized with full-image browsing and full-text article-level search and browse functions. Subjects include: Arts and humanities Cultural heritage Economic affairs Business and industry Ethnic diversity and anthropology International relations Political affairs and law Archaeology Significant religious events Society and social welfare.

A video collection of the most common mental health disorders nurses may encounter — whether in a primary care setting, emergency room, medical, psychiatric or other. The visual examples prepare nurses to assess, diagnose, and manage health issues in patients.

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Nursing Education in Video This link opens in a new window. A video collection for the educational and training purposes of nurses, nursing assistants, and other allied health workers. Topics covered include airway management, anatomy and physiology, anxiety disorders, basic clinical skills, cardiology, communications, nutrition, and more.

The videos in the collection were created under the guidance of MedCom-Trainex, which is the world's largest producer of nursing education videos. Oxford Research Encyclopedia: Literature This link opens in a new window. A dynamic, peer-reviewed digital encyclopedia about literature in its broadest sense. The essays range from broad interpretive ones to specialized entries.

This valuable resource contains hundreds of articles of interest to social work practitioners, scholars, and students. A wide variety of topics are included, along with biographies of key figures in social work history. This resource is updated monthly. Pivot This link opens in a new window. This is a powerful global funding opportunities and scholars database updated daily that allows users to receive results in a variety of ways.

Details Mahoney, Mary D. Details Mahoney, Paul J. Details Maiden, J. Part V. Churchill, London, , pp. Part I. Part II. Churchill, London, , p. Including a Discussion of the Question --What is Bassorin? Encephalartos', Pharmaceutical Journal and Transactions , J. Part III. Presidential Address. Details Maier, H. Details Main, A. Details Main, George, et al. Details Mais, H. XIII , , p. Details Maitland, Ian B. Details Makinson, R.

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Details Maliphant, George sen. Patent, 27 Jan. Details Malone, F. Details Manamperi, P. Manchester, Vaucluse, N. Details Mander, Lewis N. Details Mander-Jones, P. Details Mander-Jones, Phyllis ed. Details Manfred, E. Details Mann, Frederick, 'Improvements in the process for manufacturing nitroglycerine Patent, 8 Feb.

Details Mann, Frederick, 'Improvements in the process of manufacturing nitro-glycerine Patent: 29 Nov. Details Mann, J. V , , pp. Details Mann, John F. Details Manners, Norman G. Details Mannetje, L. Details Mansell, George W. Details Manzie, Daryl, Hon. Details Marchalonis, John J. Details Marchant, Harvey J. Details Marchant, L. Details Marchant, Leslie, France Australe: a study of French exploration and attempts to found a penal colony and strategic base in south western Australia , Artlook Press, Perth, Details Marchant, Leslie R.

Details Marchant, N. Preiss', in Short, P. Details Marchant, S. Details Marginson, J. Details Mark, Alan F. Details Marks, A. Details Marks, E. Details Marks, Elizabeth N. Cummins, Wights Mountain Qld , , pp. Details Marks, Elizabeth. Details Marks, G. Huebner Ed. Details Marks, Horace B. Details Marks, Robert E. Details Maroske, S. Mitchell ed. Details Maroske, Sara, review of Vallance, T. Details Maroske, Sara, review of Clode, Danielle, The wasp and the orchid: the remarkable life of Australian naturalist Edith Coleman , Historical records of Australian science , vol.

Mueller, "The Murray-scrub, sketched botanically", a Humboldtian description of Mallee vegetation', Historical Records of Australian Science , vol. Home - present ', Historical Records of Australian Science , vol. Details Marquis-Kyle, P. Details Marrett, R. Details Marriott, A. Details Marriott, R. Dawes and W. Dawes', Journal of the British Astronomical Association , vol. Details Marsden, Alex. Details Marsden, K. Details Marsh, C. Details Marsh, K. Stokes Festschrift', Journal of chemical and engineering data , vol. Details Marshall, A. Twidale; M. Tyler and M. Details Marshall, Alan T.

Geological Survey Bulletin no. Details Marshall, C. Details Marshall, D. Details Marshall, I. Details Marshall, Mary J. Details Marston, Hedley R. Details Marston, Hedley, R. Details Martin, A. Details Martin, C. Details Martin, D. Historical, Details Martin, Daniel H.

Details Martin, F. Details Martin, J. Details Martin, L. Details Martin, M. Supplement, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, , pp. Details Martin, N. Details Martin, R. Details Martin, Ray L ed. Details Martin, Ray L. Details Martin, Richard J. Details Martin, Susan K. Details Martin, T. Details Martinuzzi, A. Details Martyn, D. Details Martyr, P. Details Martyr, Phillipa, 'Protectors of the Public? Details Marvin, U. Branagan and G. Details Marymor, Leigh, 'Australian rock art bibliography extracted for the Rock Art Studies Bibliographic Database for the years to - part 1', Rock art research , vol.

Details Marymor, Leigh, 'Australian rock art bibliography extracted for the Rock Art Studies Bibliographic Database for the years to - part 2', Rock art research , vol. Details Maskell, P. Details Maslen, V. Details Mason, Paul H. Details Masri, Assaad R. Details Massey, H. Details Massola, A.

Details Masson, D. Details Masson, David Orme, 'Uber die beziehung zwischen den siedenpunkten, molekularvolumen und der chemischen zusammensetzung der flussigkeiten', Philosophical Magazine , , pp. Details Masson, David Orme, 'Uebere ionengeschwindigkeiten. Details Mather, L. Details Mather, P. Details Mathers, P. Details Mathews, E. Details Mathews, G. Bibliography of the Birds of Australia. Witherby, London, Broinowski', Emu , vol. Details Mathews, John A. Details Mathews, R. Details Mathewson, Don S. Details Matthews, E. Details Matthews, Peter B. Details Matthews, W.

Cinchonas', The Australasian Journal of Pharmacy , vol. Massina, Melbourne, , pp.

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Opium', The Australasian Journal of Pharmacy , vol. Details Mattingley, K. Details Maughan, Jill E.

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  7. Details Mauldon, F. Robinson, Melbourne, , pp. Details Mawson, D. Details Maxwell Banks, R. Details May, Sally K. Details May, T and Maroske, S. Details May, T. Details May, Tom W.

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    Details Mayer, Anna-k. Details Mayer, W. Details Maynard, J. Details Maze, W. Details Mazumdar, Pauline M.

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    Details McAllister, Ian L. Details McArthur, I. Details McArthur, M. Details McAuley, W. Details McAuley, William J. Details McBride, L. Details McCaffrey, F. Details McCall, Grant ed. Details McCallum, C. Eadie, Peter E. Bladin and Monica S. Wehner , Health and History , vol. Details McCann, D. Details McCann, Douglas A. Bernie, 'Conclusion: rewriting history', in in Joyce, E.

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    III, no. Well, it depends on the context. Details McCarthy, Gavan, 'Finding a future for digital cultural heritage resources using contextual information frameworks', in Kenderdine, S; Cameron, F. Details McCarthy, J. Details McCarthy, Louella, 'All this fuss about a trivial incident? Women, hospitals and medical work in New South Wales', Women's history , vol. Details McCarthy, M. Details McCarthy, P. Details McCarthy, Patrick M. Details McCarthy, Perditta M. Details McCaughan, J. Details McClelland, John E.

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    Details McConachie, I. Frawley and Noel M. Details McCracken, Donal P. Details McCrea, S. Details McCredie, A. Details McCue, K. Details McCulloch, S. Details McCutchan, J. Details McDonald, C. Details McDonald, D. Details McDonald, G. Details McDonald, Ian W. Details McDonald, J. Details McDonald, K. Details McDonald, Lorna L. Details McDonnell, Kevin L. Details McDonnell, R. Part 1.