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Most children who sit the 11 Plus will be aged 10 as the exams take place at the beginning of Year 6. At Explore Learning our 11 Plus course supports your child from Year 4 right through to the exam and beyond. The maths and English elements of the 11 Plus test require a strong foundation of knowledge and often contain material set at a higher level at least a year ahead.

Tutoring can allow children to cover content more advanced than they may be able to cover at school, giving them the chance to feel familiar with a higher level of maths and English. However, tuition can give children the strategies needed to confidently tackle these types of questions, which are not commonly taught as part of the school curriculum.

We welcome all children with the ambition and drive to go to a grammar or independent school. You will need to register for them yourself either in person or via an online form. To find out the closing dates for the exams in your area, head over to our handy guide.

To have the best chance at being successful in the grammar school exams, and so that your child feels confident and comfortable with all the material, regular practice is recommended.

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However, this does not need to be three hours every day. As part of our 11 Plus and Entrance Exam course, recommended home practice will be assigned to supplement their preparation — this takes on average 30 minutes per week. Our 11 Plus members also have access to our online verbal and non-verbal reasoning practice questions which they can access whenever, wherever and for as long as they want. The pass mark changes year-on-year based on how each cohort answered the paper or papers.

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Category Books. Cancel Apply. Go to first page Go to previous page 1 2 3 Go to next page Go to last page. Contact the admissions provide r for the school or schools you would like to apply for. This could be the LEA, the school or a body that acts on behalf of the consortium of schools. It's also very important to ask whether there are any other admissions criteria such as a maximum distance from the school. Get organised and plan it. It's not much work and it could well be the best thing you ever do for your child's education.

Sorry, you're going to need a time machine.

Blame the politicians that made those decisions back in Some parents appoint personal tutors for their children to help improve their performance. This can be very confidence boosting and test providers do their best to limit the " exam coaching " effect that it has. They are often used because they gauge aptitude and don't require any previous experience.

Having said that, the distinct nature of the tests means a child will benefit from preparation. Often they contain both. They may also have a Cloze test. Again, practice makes perfect. Most important of all is that your child prepares for the tests that they will be facing.

Primary assessment

If it's a CEM test in Maths then ensure they're working from examples that clearly state that! There are several other providers including GL Assessment. If only everyone knew! CEM has grown in popularity over the past years because their tests are seen as harder to "coach" for. The feedback from grammar schools supports this. The English sections of the test include reading comprehension exercises, cloze tests and Verbal reasoning questions.

Non-verbal reasoning questions are well known from other providers of 11 plus exams. These are the questions that often include rotating patterns or shapes. Numerical reasoning questions test mental arithmetic , pattern recognition and problem solving.

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Calculators are not allowed. Both tests are designed such that children are time pressured. Many children don't finish all the questions before the end of the test.

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Some areas will allocate a different weighting of marks towards different subject areas. For example, Birmingham awards half of the marks to Verbal Reasoning. Warwickshire meanwhile awards marks equally among all three. They are a practice exercise that's marked internally and whose marks are not recorded externally from the school.

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Past CEM 11 Plus papers are not distributed after their respective assessment day. CEM insist that "by restricting the amount of available preparation material to only what primary schools provide familiarisation with the format and structure of the tests it makes the test fairer for all". CEM say that they devise their tests such that they "reduce any disadvantage between children who are tutored for tests and those who are not.

Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning questions are often unfamiliar to children. Hence prior practice, if only as a familiarisation exercise, is highly recommended. The important point being that prior practice does not lead to pupils attempting to guess their answers. I consent to your terms.

We do not sell or share your information with anyone. Privacy Policy. You will receive the email within 2 minutes. Open it and click on the confirmation link to enable access. Below are plenty of free 11 plus papers for you to download.