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The name "Hoid" is likely the name he is hiding behind. Hoid was involved in the events taking place before any of the cosmere's published books begin and is the second oldest character seen so far. In some, he is named outright and makes references to other events and places in the cosmere, while in others he is seen only deep in disguise, almost unrecognizable.

Brandon has confirmed that all of these appearances are the same individual, [5] but that he worldhops between planets. Hoid's motives are unknown, and most of his actions occur behind the scenes. His particular style of storytelling in which he manipulates sand or smoke to illustrate his stories, as in Warbreaker and The Way of Kings , does not originate from White Sand , but from another unpublished story, The Liar of Partinel.

Hoid answered, "I learned it many, many years ago from a man who didn't know who he was, Your Majesty. It was a distant place where two lands meet and gods have died. But that is unimportant. He also has a "home base" somewhere in the cosmere. Hoid is neither the author of the Ars Arcanum , nor of the back-of-book blurb for Words of Radiance. Very little of Hoid's origin is known beyond the fact that he was present at the Shattering of Adonalsium on Yolen.

He makes no appearance in Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell. Hoid traveled to Taldain , though for what reasons are unknown. He is there when the Taishin are deciding whether or not to disband the Diem. Hoid traveled to Sel , likely making use of Devotion's Perpendicularity in Arelon. Hoid spoke to the skaze , and seems to have made some sort of agreement with them hinging on his desire to become an Elantrian with the restoration of Elantris.

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He helped Sarene smuggle weapons into Elantris. He removed his bandages, hoping to find himself transformed into an Elantrian, but the transformation had not occurred. The skaze ridiculed Hoid for his failure, but Hoid expressed his joy that secrets still remained unknown to him and then entered the Perpendicularity and transitioned to the Cognitive Realm.

Hoid returned to Sel several years later, and found himself a position in the court of Emperor Ashravan in the Rose Empire as the Royal Fool. He allied himself with the Forger Shai in her attempt to steal the Moon Scepter , an artifact that allows for the translation of the various symbols of Selish Investiture. He arranged for her to be caught after she'd left the Gallery with the Scepter and later used her duplicate to steal the scepter for himself.

Hoid steals the Moon Scepter to interpret Sel magic and to help him gain the magics on Sel. He took up the guise of an informant, pretending to have bad eyesight in order to make himself less threatening to people seeking information from him. Hoid closed shop, smoking tobacco met with Kelsier on the streets of Luthadel and told him that House Renoux was buying large amounts of weapons and armor from various noble houses and that Lord Renoux was considering a marriage between Valette and Elend Venture.

He also claimed that Renoux was rumored to have some sort of leverage on Venture and that he knew Shan Elariel to be a Soother. At some point following this, he left Scadrial to attend to other business, again likely via the Pits. Around a year later, Hoid returned to Scadrial, traveling through Scadrial's subastral, riding on the back of a Cognitive Shadow to the Well of Ascension, Preservation's Perpendicularity. Hoid told him that there was nothing to be done, but he challenged Kelsier to an insult battle, with the prize being the answer to one true question. Kelsier instead threatened Hoid.

Hoid attempted to enter the pool, but Kelsier attacked him. Hoid easily overpowered Kelsier and caused him serious pain, if not permanent injury. Hoid then transitioned through the Well and stole the bead of lerasium from the adjacent room. He later ate the lerasium and became a Mistborn. Hoid then traveled to the Terris Dominance to figure out Feruchemy , [26] [23] [27] and then became wrapped up in matters he did not anticipate. This may refer to him becoming involved after the Inquisitor attack on Tathingdwen and the slaughter of the Synod.

The Disturbing Mystery of the Jamison Family

Hoid took up the guise of a Terris leader [28] and led the Terris refugees to the Central Dominance. At that moment, Vin arrived intending to meet with Hoid, [30] but Kelsier attempted to warn her away from the Cognitive Realm [31] and she sensed he had something off about him [32] and instead chose not to speak to him. Hoid traveled to Nalthis and took the role of a master storyteller. Lightsong summons him to the Court of the Gods , where he recounts the story of Vo , explains the origin of the Hallandren God Kings, and answers Lightsong and Siri's questions. Hoid visited Obrodai at some point prior to Oathbringer.

Hoid has visited Roshar prior to The Way of Kings. At some point, "thousands of years ago", Hoid visited Roshar and mingled with the original inhabitants of the world, even dancing with the ancient parshmen. The Fused , however, are now trained to watch for him - most likely to capture him and deliver him to Odium. In a departure from his previous appearances, Hoid plays a more conspicuous role in the events on Roshar. Most often seen under the guise of Wit, Elhokar Kholin's court jester, he influences Dalinar , going so far as to ask Dalinar if he has ever heard the term "Adonalsium".

It is also likely that he uses Lightweaving to cause the smoke from the fire to take the form of various elements from his story. In the first Interlude, Ishikk talks with three men from the Seventeenth Shard who had paid him to search for Hoid in the Purelake. These three men are Galladon , Demoux , and Baon.

He appears again towards the end of the book as Taln arrives in Kholinar. Hoid again in this plays his minor role as Wit, though he is absent for most of the book. In Shallan's flashback to three and a half years ago, she meets Hoid disguised as a messenger, and he talks to her. Rock also describes an encounter with him in the Horneater Oceans and calls him Lunu'anaki , the god of travel and mischief who cannot hurt man. Hoid is also seen acting as the carriage driver for Adolin when he is visiting Shallan at Sebarial's warcamp. He speaks to Kaladin about his flute and mentions that he wants an interesting story from him.

When Shallan recognizes him she happily hugs him for his advice from three and a half years prior when he encouraged her at her worst and told her to keep seeking the light. Hoid, acting as Wit, visits Kaladin while he is in prison. He tells Kaladin the story of a man named Fleet who raced a highstorm across one end of Roshar to the other.

Hoid - The Coppermind - 17th Shard

Fleet wins, but dies of exhaustion at the end, and his spirit goes on to race the wind forever. Later, at the end of the book, he meets with Jasnah Kholin as she exits the Cognitive Realm, offering to travel with her. The white-haired man who Lift says jumped into the mouth of a greatshell is implied to be Hoid.

The three letters in part two of Oathbringer are directed at Cephandrius. The first two explicity says this, but the third one just says friend, however it is likely that they are all referring to the same person. Hoid appears as Wit in the middle of the novel, discussing the nature of power with Shallan.

Prior to that, while telling the story of Mishim in Alethkar, Hoid sees something next to his pack and becomes startled. After the story, Shallan looks into Hoid's pack and sees a small, sealed black jar. The side of the jar pointing at Shallan was white. This may be important, but not much is known about it. During Hoid's conversation with Shallan, he says that he knew of a group like the Cult of Moments, describing them as equally foolish and equally dangerous. It is unclear at the moment which group he may be referring to. He later helps her get into the Cult of Moments, and finds Shallan at her darkest moment when she discovers the food she has been giving to the poor is just making things worse.

Shalash , upon seeing sketches of Talenel and herself, wonders aloud why Midius a name taken by Hoid in an as-yet-unpublished text is giving away drawings of them. In the epilogue, Hoid is shown in Kholinar insulting a Thaylen man in an attempt to elicit a reaction. Upon realizing that the man can't understand Alethi, Hoid decides repeating it all in Thaylen would be boring, so he cuts in front of the man.

The man hits Hoid, knocking loose a tooth which Hoid discards upon leaving the area. Hoid uses Awakening to lure a child away from the corpse of her mother, leaving the child in the care of a family in the city. He then heads to the palace where he finds a Cryptic , presumably the spren Elhokar was about to bond before he died. It offers valuable insights into his personality and goals.

The author of the Letter is being hunted by the Seventeenth Shard and has set a false trail for them to follow, which lines up well with the interlude in which three men are searching for Hoid. Brandon has also said that we "may have read that Hoid has specific beef with Rayse," with the Letter being the only real example of this.

The Letters in Oathbringer's epigraphs are all from Shards [48] and all of them are directed to Hoid. I own the place, technically. Now, regarding those coins for old Hoid, my good lord At some point following his actions on Roshar, Hoid returned to Scadrial to attend the wedding of Lord Joshin Yomen and Lady Mi'chelle Ostlin , [50] [51] two friends of his that he had made at some unknown point in the past.

Hoid may have left the planet briefly afterwards, but something on Scadrial had caught his attention and he was back several months later [54]. Hoid became employed as Waxillium Ladrian's new carriage driver. Hoid's actions after this point are unclear. Hoid somehow obtained a coin-like unsealed metalmind containing a memory of Kelsier aiding the southern Scadrians in surviving the aftereffects of the Catacendre.

Hoid appeared blind with milky white eyes. He asked Wax for a few clips. Hoid was startled by her observation and claimed that he had been drinking perfume, as it had quite a kick. Steris told him that that was unhealthy and Wax advised Hoid that he should leave the private grounds. Hoid agreed but claimed that it was his property and again asked for coins. Wax gave him a banknote and told him again to leave the grounds. Hoid claimed it was far too much and that he wished to give Waxillium change. As Wax walked away, Hoid threw the coin at Wax's head, who caught it in midair.

A groundsman then noticed Hoid and tried to chase him off.

L'Abbat, maître d'armes

Hoid laughed and escaped back into the bushes again. Hoid's appearance varies dramatically from book to book. He's often in disguise, which makes his true appearance difficult to ascertain. Couple this with the fact that he can most likely Lightweave his appearance in order to look however he wants, it makes it nearly impossible to know for sure what he looks like. To the best of our knowledge, his face is lined, [39] hawk-like and arrow shaped. Hoid is tall and thin [64] and also has a sharp nose and jaw with delicate eyebrows.

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This is definitely not a touchy-feely story at any point. This story has the extra creepy factor of how very near to our current date this timeline is, and how very possible it is that the world could turn completely upside down in the exact way it happens in this story. I especially like that the author chose not to make it one big event that caused this apocalyptic world.

It was one big event that started it, but then the attempted fix made things so much worse. What else have we learned in way too many stories where things go wrong? We all know that no two people could ever agree on how to make the world a better place, or how to make human nature as a whole better. I suppose in a way, you could take this book as a cautionary story on this exact subject. This story is told through two different points of view.

What added to much of the mystery is that you immediately know who one of the characters are, and what their part in the story is, but the other remains a mystery character for quite a while. There is a lot that goes on in this book, and there is very rarely a slow moment. In this case, the author did a good job and making this a good thing. I never got confused about who was who, who was doing what, or what was going on where. It all flowed together very well. There was never a point where the book got slow enough that I ever wanted to put it down.

In fact, I never wanted to, always wanting to know what was going to happen next with each frequent development. It sounds like one is on the west coast and one is on the east coast, but at one point and this is a potential small spoiler they talk about WALKING from one city to the other, and it seems to be possible to be done rather quickly. Even with this, however, it was more of a tiny annoyance rather that affecting the story as a whole.

Overall, this was a really fascinating story, with a great amount of detail, and a scary amount of potential realism. YA Dystopian Done Right 4. It always feels like they are trying to link themselves to something more famous even if their books have nothing to do with it or very little. Fortunately, for Watcher - Eversley was dead on.

It was really like Divergent meets Terminator. It had the dystopian groups the Watchers reminded me a lot of Dauntless. And then there were humanoid robots and Cabrons who were out to destroy the remaining humans in pretty much any way they could. I'd say that comparing it to those two films and books was pretty dead on. Sawyer was a slight cookie cutter heroine but it didn't take away from the story at all. She was kind of reckless - putting herself and others in danger when she didn't really need to, wasn't really a rule follower, etc.

Sawyer was given a little more to like. The guy she meets later in the story is also a little typical sort of bad boy but also good for her. In my eyes, in YA books like this, it's as much about the world and the interaction with it as it is the characters. I was a big fan of Divergent and I thought that Eversley created a world that was more interesting while also making the story stand on its own.

I think the flashbacks and the "it's been 10 years" parts of the book taking her from 8 to 18 made me feel for her on a deeper level. Realizing that she was basically raised to be a Watcher and nothing else no teenager moments, boys, etc. I've never read anything by Eversley before - but I will be continuing the series. I think that it translated really well to audio especially with Chelsea Stephens at the helm. She was able to give a voice to Sawyer - allowing her to jump off the page.

The addition of Steven Campbell was also needed in my opinion. But having a male narrate the major male character especially while getting a glimpse into his mind really stood out to me. I think it was needed and allowed Chelsea to focus on moving Sawyer forward without much distraction or interruption. Overall, a YA Dystopian novel that was a genuine surprise to me. So many books try to be the next YA hit and fail on so many levels - but Eversley including the typical YA fare with brooding teenagers, first loves, and suspense.

But also threw in a lot of heart, some betrayal I guess this is pretty typical too , and freakin' robots! If you liked Divergent or Terminator - give this one a try. Jun 21, Blood Rose Books rated it it was amazing. Eversley, she takes the reader to dystopia Earth, where machines that look like human rule and the humans that are left are slowly losing the battle save humanity: Sawyer is the younger Watcher in her resistance that is sworn to protect humanity. It is her job to watch over the city and protect the few humans that are left.

The Bots and Carbons that come out each day to try and find the last humans so they can be taken away to who knows wh 4. The Bots and Carbons that come out each day to try and find the last humans so they can be taken away to who knows what fate have been changing and evolving. They have now decided to target the Watcher's themselves. On a rescue mission Sawyer is faced to make a choice who lives and who dies. But something about this mission does not add up, someone has betrayed them.

Sawyer made a promise to protect humanity, but that comes at a cost as she tries to figure out who is friend and who is foe and who ultimately needs to die. This was a really interesting debut novel and I really enjoyed getting to know the world and main characters that Eversley created. The world is very interesting, you can tell that Eversley used some tried and true ideas from other popular media forms, but I think that overall she was able to make them her own on most fronts by blending them together.

I did not sit there reading thinking to myself oh here we go again with any of the ideas presented in this book. Additionally, I think that Eversley understood the flow that this book needed, and while it was fast paced moving from action scene to action scene, Eversley also took the time to let the reader get to know the two main characters better.

So this leads me to not only enjoying this book more but also liking Sawyer as a character. Though at times I found her slightly immature in her thinking process or her actions outside of a battle, but that was something more that would come in time and maturity which I do not expect Sawyer to have yet even though she has had to grow up in a war zone. Like I said above I was extremely happy that she was not boy obsessed and when push comes to shove she will do what needs to be done, even if that means killing someone.

With this being said you can probably guess that there are some darker undertones within this book that I was not expecting as well. This book was like part Matrix part Terminator, so if either of those descriptors piqued your interest you should check this book out.

Hepen the Watcher

This was great debut novel and I am looking forward to continuing on with the series. I am really looking forward to where Eversley takes the readers next. If your streets and the buildings around you were all empty, how would you react? It would be quite lonely, one would imagine—if you were one of the only humans left, fighting against robots fro the survival of the human species? That is a lot of pressure for one person to have.

Eversley has a gripping science fiction novel that will pull readers in quickly and keep them hanging on every detail. Sawyer is a watcher. That means that she is one of the last humans who can fight against the Bots and If your streets and the buildings around you were all empty, how would you react? Someone started a mass war years ago to wipe out the humans to make way for a more advanced species, Carbon copies of humans. They look like humans, but are stronger, faster, able to heal rapidly and hard to kill. With the human population dwindling down quickly, Sawyer and the rest of her team must figure out a way to get the upper hand on their power source.

Finding a building with human survivors so close to Carbon territory, Sawyer knows that this mission could very well be a trap—but they still have to try to save them. Once the mission ends and the humans are safely brought back to their underground base, Sawyer does the one thing that she vowed never to do. Her feelings for one of the survivors has clouded her judgment and left her vulnerable…vulnerable to her emotions and maybe even vulnerable enough to be betrayed.

Eversley has a superb story-line, filled with creativity, world-building, and originality. The pace is quick and steady from the beginning and carries through the entirety of the story. She is provide that urgency to understand the depth of endangerment the human race faces. Since this review compliments the audiobook, both narrators did fantastic work with voice relay. The scenes were vivid for the imagination and characters were credible. This is the first installment in the Watcher Series, so readers can jump right in.

If you are interested in action and science fiction, this may a perfect fit. Fair warning, once you plunge into this novel, you may find yourself picking up the rest of the series soon after. An audiobook was provided to Turning Another Page by Audiobookworm Promotions and in no way affects the honesty of this review.

We provide a five-star rating to Watcher by AJ Eversley. The world as we know it is gone and most humans have been destroyed by the Bots and Carbons. Sawyer is part of a small group that has been trained to kill the Bots and Carbons. She lives in a secret location with a couple other Watchers.

But the Bots and Carbons have evolved and are on the hunt for the watchers. When the secret location is attacked it is clear that there must be a traitor in their midst. But who could it be and can Sawyer make the tough decision to save the group of Watchers. This is a beautifully created world that is in the deepest pits of despair.

Things are going to hell and it looks like this is going to happen sooner than later. Sawyer is a strong female character that is out hunting the Bots and Carbons. She is very protective of her little family of watchers. She comes across as cold as ice but when you get to understand her you understand why. I love how you learn about each person in her group and come to love them like her. I loved this book.

It is well written, draws you in, has lots twists and turns that keep you guessing, and will leave you rushing to get the next book in the series, Carbon. I received this book from iRead Book Tours for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book. Watcher was Impossible to Put Down. I typically read while waiting for the girls after school or between activities.

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After not finding time to begin this book after several days; I opened it one evening before bedtime planning just to start it and "get a feel" for the author's writing style. A few hours later, I was reading the last pages and putting the second book in my bag to read! The book maintains an action packed pace--and incorporates enough twists and turns some rather sudden and unexp Watcher was Impossible to Put Down.

The book maintains an action packed pace--and incorporates enough twists and turns some rather sudden and unexpected that readers will find it impossible to put down. The author launches readers directly into the story's action--and develops her characters and her futuristic world in pieces throughout the book. Readers develop an understanding of bots and carbons and of the characters and their plights over time. Even without being told immediately exactly what a bot is--readers are not left confused.

Expect to receive the information needed to fill in the storyline, the setting, and the character development as it is necessary. Many times, readers will be even a little surprised by events right along with the book's characters. This style creates a novel that flows and grows--and doesn't burden impatient readers with lengthy descriptions and overly, technical, sci-fi jargon.

Would I recommend Watcher? I loved Hunger Games--and enjoyed this series just as much. The author creates a very well rounded story and a host of characters to love or hate as she begins her series. I loved the flow of the novel, the twists, and the loose ends pulling me toward the next book. I highly recommend this book to dystopian fans--especially fans of novels with strong female leads. With a PG tone, it is an acceptable book for even most teen readers.

I look forward to continuing this series and reading more from this author. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author or publisher for use in a blog review. All opinions are my own. They will keep you safe. The question is, can she protect herself? And then, the Watchers are infiltrated by someone. Friend,Foe, WTF? And the story takes twists you can never imagine. Who is who and why is it happening?

I won The Watcher trilogy from the author in a giveaway, but I had already downloaded the entire series as ebooks before then. My response to this, the first book is that I never ever saw what was coming and I spent too many nights reading until my eyes crossed to find out. This is un-putdown-able writing and I cannot wait to start Book 2. Dec 05, Marni rated it it was amazing. I loved the heroine in Watcher.

She was written with depth and had such a reality to her personality she jumped from the pages. I was hooked from page one, drawn into action and scenes of a world that IMHO could one day be our reality. In the future, wars have broken humanity, followed by technology bringing the survivors to their knees, or, in this case an underground bunker where they struggle to survive and fight back against the bots. Sawyer leads us through the history behind thier demise, I loved the heroine in Watcher. Sawyer leads us through the history behind thier demise, and the streets where they hunt the dreaded machines that are intent on wiping them out.

Or are they? The story has twists and turns, surprises and action. You get to feel the humanity, the dispair and tiny threads of hope for something better. I love that the book got my heart pounding, I turned pages wrapped up not only in the action, but the mystery of what was unfolding through each chapter. I'm not a spoiler reviewer, so will end this one by saying I look forward to the rest of the series to find out how this battle ends!

Sawyer is an orphaned girl who lives in a world not unlike that of the Terminator movies, where machines have taken over and now roam the streets searching for the last remaining humans. She is a Watcher, a skilled tracker and eliminator. However, when the machines seem to be getting smarter, she and her crew must risk everything to discover why, and to stop it. If you like dystopian stories, than this will appeal to you. It's engaging, fast-paced, exciting, and Sawyer is a great main character. She comes off as cold at first, but that changes when she meets the mysterious Kenzie.

There are many twists in the story that I did not expect. Mar 30, Melody Spencer rated it it was amazing Shelves: my-bookshelf , my-ebooks. I was hooked right from the beginning of this dystopian tale. Taking place in a barren future after World World III, the Bots that everyone thought were there to help us have turned on humanity along with the more advanced Carbons and the remaining humans are in trouble.

The Watchers are doing everything they can to survive and save anyone still out there while eliminating the threat wherever they are able. I highly recommend this one! Watcher by AJ Eversley was a very well written science fiction book that I greatly enjoyed reading. I absolutely loved Sawyer Russo as a character, I felt like the author did a wonderful job in giving her a unique personality and life story that made her into the perfect protagonist for this book. The book reminded me a little bit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with how it was one person trying to save everyone.

I would personally recommend this book to anyone who enjoy science fiction, mystery, an Watcher by AJ Eversley was a very well written science fiction book that I greatly enjoyed reading. I would personally recommend this book to anyone who enjoy science fiction, mystery, and action adventure genres. I look forward to reading the second book in the series. I will be sure to post my review of it online I can only hope it is half as good as Watcher was! It took me a couple of chapters to get into the book as the start is mostly Sawyer going on about how fast and clever she is. She comes across as quite conceited rather than just confident, though I guess she's always had to act super-tough to fit in with the guys.

However, I soon got pulled into the world and the story. It's a futuristic story where robots and Carbons have overrun the city and humans are being targeted. Kenzie is a real mystery throughout the book. He's a very interesting charac It took me a couple of chapters to get into the book as the start is mostly Sawyer going on about how fast and clever she is. He's a very interesting character who seems genuine but you can never be sure. I enjoyed the reading by 2 narrators. I think it gave a better feel for the 2 main characters. I'm interested to carry on with the series.

Nov 10, Michelle VanDaley rated it it was amazing. My review is based on the audiobook Watcher does a great job laying the ground work for this fantastic dystopian series. The story is action packed with descriptive world building and in depth characters that you can't help becoming invested in. The narration is on point with male and female narrators bringing the characters and story to life with a perfect inflection and pacing.

I look forward to more in this series and from these narrators. I've just finished reading this YA novel and it kept me wanting to read more! There were twists that I didn't see coming and kept me from putting my book down for the night, continually saying 'just one more chapter and then I'll go to bed'. The author developed the characters in a way you can understand their drive to do what they do.

It was a quick read and the story line was easy to follow! I would definitely recommend this book to friends and family! Can't wait for more from this author. Apr 28, Sabetha rated it really liked it. Overall this story is creepily realistic. Well thought out world building and premise. A few points fell flat for me, where I was thinking, okay get on with it already.

But the twists made the wait worth it. Definitely worth reading if you are into post apocalyptic books. I look forward to discovering what happens next in Sawyers journey. I loved this dystopian read from the very first page. Sawyer is a very likeable and I could easily relate to her. The robotic elements were especially fascinating. The descriptiveness of the writing easily allowed me to become very immersed in the story. I really enjoyed the twists especially at the end.

I look forward to reading more in this series. I didn't want to stop reading to this! A really good first book in a series with a peak at the next book. I can't wait to hear more of Sawyer and Chevys story. Chelsea Stephens and Steve Campbell were terrific narrators.