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This show was honestly amazing, better than what I was expecting.

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It is such a feel good show and you leave feeling really happy with It made me laugh and it made me cry. The fact that I knew First time seeing this cast and in parts it feels like a brand new show. I loved the show because it makes me smile and always makes me feel amazing once I had seen it. The cast were amazing. I had an understudy This show was great and felt very relevant for today, it has a few comments that feel strange and out of place and it is a shame you Full of heart, full of laughs, full of love.

I absolutely loved the show, the cast were amazing. The orchestra were lovely to listen to and the stage is very funky and vibrant would The singing throughout the whole of the production was incredible, I felt like some of the acting from characters could have been improved Book now. Created by Dan Gillespie Sells and Tom MacRae, this sensational new musical plays in London to packed-out audiences, so don't miss out!.

An out of place Sheffield starlet who dreams of fame and fortune on the drag circuit, Jamie enlists the help of his incredibly supportive friends and family to defy expectations and take his first shaky high-heeled steps into the limelight. Reviewed on 24 March by Felix , Berlin , Germany. I liked the story it was very versatile, I was very disappointed that there was not enough glam and glitter, I wish Jamie dressed up as drag at the end.

Reviewed on 02 March by Stefanos , Amsterdam , Netherlands. This show has such great life messages in it. There is a lesson for everyone to learn and the fact its based on a true story makes it even more fabulous. My son is gay and it really tugged on the heart strings and also made me so angry at times too. Jamie and his mum were so believable and the song Jamie sung to his mum and vice versa were beautiful. The whole cast played their parts really well, not a bad word to be said. Will definitely be recommending this to all my friends.

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Reviewed on 24 January by Christian , Zurich , Switzerland. Not only us Jamie uniquely gifted, every performer is gifted in song and dance. A fabulous, uplifting evening. Reviewed on 18 January by Catherine , Bern , Switzerland. Loved the modern dance and how it gives a positive attitude toward anyone who dares to be different.

Entertaining from the start. Colourful, fast moving,funny, emotional. Made me laugh made me cry. John McCrea faboulous throughout and Jamie as we're the rest of the cast.

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Few well-known faces as well as the newbies all very talented. From the opening to the finale such a powerful storyline with powerful characters and vocals. Laughed and cried very emotional and entertaining. This is now in my top 3. Well done to all the cast. I really enjoyed this show. The cast were all great in their roles, music, costumes and set all excellent too! This show was brilliant from start to finish!!

Loved all the music, acting and singing. Would watch this again, absolutely amazing. Reviewed on 24 October by Marie-alix , Boulogne , France. Fun fun fun! Great performances by all. The song "he's my boy" tears streaming it was so good. I'll recommend this to anyone any age to see. Behind a pleasant and entertaining show, a real society issue is tackled denouncing common prejudices. Even if the subject is sometimes heavy-handedly treated, the message gets through in a pleasant manner.

Reviewed on 17 October by Mari , Espoo , Finland. Fantastic show, moving and realistic story, wonderful acting Jamie, Preti, mom , great music and dancing. Also loved the stage settings and changes throughout the scenes. I came with my teenaged son, both of us non-native english speakers, but this fact did not harm our good experience of the show. All together was a top entertainment on London Pride Day July 7 Reviewed on 18 July by Christoph , Berlin , Germany. Reviewed on 01 May by Luca , Bologna , Italy.

We saw this musical with the whole family with teens. It's a touching story based on a real life "Jamie" and his experiences in a mainstream high school environment. While the actors of the main characters play superb so does the whole ensemble: Their dancing and choreographie is creative and powerfull and fit perfectly to the music that is somehow pop-like but also complex and interesting and exciting: This is clearly a must see again musical and very certainly a strong candidate for the top of the tops playlist for your mobile.

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Reviewed on 07 April by Stefan , Boeblingen , Germany. Fab show - brilliant music acting and story. It was so funny, and the musical numbers were insanely good. But, what struck us was how poignant it was, and how much we cried! An absolute must-see. Reviewed on 01 January by Thierry , Overijse , Belgium. Great show with believable characters. Cried through most of the second act. Jamies mums performance was poignant and heart wrenching. Went with an open mind to this show and boy was I surprised!

A fantastic cast great score and top performances all around! Fantastic story with shuch talented actors! Story that anybody can relate to in some way, funny, deep yet witty!

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Absolutly fabulous darling! A MUST see! Well done! London needs something to celebrate as this particular winter of political uncertainty grinds onwards - this musical is the perfect way to lift the gloom with a reminder of decent British humanity that celebrates the individual spirit.

Collect your tickets from the Apollo Theatre for free or get them posted to your address. Everybody's Talking About Jamie Tickets 4. Age restrictions Parental discretion advised. Contains some strong language and mild sexual references. Everybody's Talking About Jamie reviews 4. Fun show A must see show. Spellbinding amazing talent Loved the show from beginning to end. This is now my favorite show. Mind opener! It was ok Well worth it. Full of life!! Incredible music and very good voices.

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Fourth time we have seen it! Beatiful show concerning everyday topics The show in general is pretty average, nothing but the skills of the young boys and girls is completely shown. Great Show Saw this show at the Apollo. Splendid show and cast Lively, entertaining which opened boundaries. Fabulous cast. Energetic and moving It is very exciting, nice history, very good Actors and music. Fun, funny and so real! Loved it! Fantastically funny yet so real at the same time! Simply amazing Feel good show for everyone Amazing, funny and touching. Amateurish I went to this show as a visitor from Australia.

Feel good show Fantastic story, heartwarming performances, excellent costumes and singing. What are you waiting for. Fantastic Loved everything about it. Funny, talented dance group with amazing voices Loved the show but did miss quite a bit of the script due to poor sound. Nice show. Energetic, entertaining and moving. Great Entertainment. So fresh and new This show was amazing!! Ok Fun but cat could have be better. Wonderful show Such talented case, managed to bring on a tear or two. Excellent show.

A night to remember! Wonderful This show has such great life messages in it. Mother and Son must see Amazing. Every Performance Stellar! Give it a go!!! Great show.