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[91VOA]Study Says AIDS Drugs Can Raise Life Expectancy in Africa

Children born in are expected to live an average of six years longer than those born in , according to statistics released by the World Health Organization on Thursday. Females are expected to reach an average of 73 years old, while the average male will live to see his 68th birthday. In Canada, life expectancy went up by five years on average, with men born in expected to live to an average age of 80 and women expected to reach 84 years old. Iceland has the highest life expectancy for men, with boys born in projected to reach an average of 81 years old.

Females born in Japan have the highest life expectancy in the world at 87 years. Globally, women are expected to live five years longer than men, and those born in high-income countries still have a significantly higher life expectancy, regardless of gender. But low-income countries have seen the most dramatic rise, with the average life expectancy shooting up by nine years on average, the report says. Premature deaths lower the life expectancy.

In high-income countries, 90 per cent of premature deaths are due to injuries or non-communicable diseases such as heart disease or stroke, the WHO report says. In low-income countries, infectious diseases are the most common cause of death.

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Infectious diseases are responsible for 70 per cent of premature deaths in African countries. Coronary heart disease, stroke and respiratory infections such as pneumonia were the three leading causes of premature death, the report says. Pneumonia is one of the primary causes of death for children under 5, along with complications due to premature birth.

The WHO says life expectancy has increased in developing countries because tobacco use has gone down and those countries have had success in lowering heart disease and stroke rates.

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Canadians are living longer, and so are people in the rest of the world, a new report says. The WHO also found that 6. In Asia? In Latin America? In Europe? In Oceania? Which is the second wealthiest? A population projection is a computation of future changes in population numbers based on assumptions about future trends in fertility, mortality, and migration. Which categories on the data sheet are shown as projections? Rank the 10 countries with the largest projected populations for both and from largest to the smallest. Which country or countries is projected to be added to the top 10?

Look back to the rankings for the current year. What are the major shifts in this ranking from now to ? Rank the regions according to population size from largest to the smallest. In North America? What are the projected proportions? In more developed countries MDCs?

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In ? What proportion is projected to live in MDCs in ?

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  5. Activity 2: Profiling a Country The purpose of this activity is to introduce students to the demographic indicators listed on the Data Sheet by providing them with a tool to organize population information about a country. Display the Country Profile Worksheet. Distribute blank copies to students.

    Complete the profile of the United States, defining the indicators as they are mapped out on the worksheet. Have students place a copy of the U. Have students complete a new profile each time they start a unit on a new country. Before they do the profile of the new country, students should develop hypotheses about the population characteristics of the country and use the mapping activity to test their hypotheses.

    They should compare the profile of each new country with the profile of the United States. As students learn more about the country, they can add other information from the Data Sheet or other sources to their profiles. The results have been dramatic. Albert Lea, MN was the first project city. In just one year, citizens added 2. In three Southern California beach cities, obesity, smoking rates, and health risks dropped dramatically in five years. There are currently 42 Blue Zone Project cities across the United States, and we continuously receive new applications from communities and cities all over the country that see the need to create lasting change.

    Dan Buettner , Founder, Blue Zones. The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and not the World Economic Forum.

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    I accept. Dan Buettner Founder, Blue Zones. Join our WhatsApp group. Sign up here.

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