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There is a typo in the powershell command in the last section, it is missing a backslash. See below for the correct powershell command:. I intalled win 10 enterprise in my lappy and i also download latest driver from dell ofgicial website but my start menu is not working e. Question about the solution step 4 NOT method 4 Is it necessary to register every appx package or will just the cortana be enough? Option 2, when I clicked start button of the windows search, it said that could not start the Windows Service on local computer; error 2: the system cannot find the file specified.

How can I fix it? Thank you. Is the Windows search service enabled? If not, follow the second method and enable Windows Search service. No Cartana. And no Search working So among all of the same solutions the one that worked was Enabling Windows Firewall!! So thanks to that awesome person who mentioned it!!!! It is arguably the most useless Search facility on the planet and it is up against some stiff competition.

I right-clicked and selected End Task which momentarily stopped the Search process in Task Manager and then it reappeared with as Search 3 , and now the search function seems to be working again! When struggling with this search issue, there are lot of tips with re-installing Cortana over Powershell. But the additional idea from above to cleanup the cortana settings first, and doing this over another user account to avoid any locks, is mentioned almost nowhere. This one was the only and very last option, which worked for me finally.

Thank you so much, point 6 worked for me. Your list was so exhaustive and concise, amazing. Thanks again. Avast can indeed interfere with Windows Search but you may not need to uninstall it. In my case, I was seeing absolutely no search results. I tried rebuilding the index database multiple times and even changing its location but nothing changed.

When I saw this article indicating that Avast might be contributing a big thank you to Robert for that BTW , I simply disabled all its shields temporarily right-click the System Tray icon to get this option and Search immediately started returning results and it continued to work even after enabling the shields again. Hope that helps others in the same frustrating predicament I was in.

I struggled with this problem Menu search stayed blank for two days. Even the above solution did not work. Finally i decided to erase the swapfile and put it on another disk, let the system handle it: solved at once. They did recommend to not do Fix 3 re-register Cortana, because if KB patches have been applied, things may get messed up. This re-installed Cortana on my system which fixed my particular issue with the search bar not working. In my case I think running the Powershell command first was necessary; do you recall if you happened to try that first?


First one worked for me. I first enabled windows defender, search started working. I then disabled it and it is still working : Thank you! Awesome article! Loved that this was a real article not just a sales pitch in disguise. Issue was windows button search not working. Thanks a lot, I ran CCleaner registry clean and then my search opened but when I type something it was not showing the result.

Go to start find cortana, right click on cortana, then more and app setting then scroll down and click reset. Thank you so much for posting this! After launching powershell. Re-register Cortana. That did it for me. I think the latest Windows update messed up Cortana something fierce. Seems so foolish for Microsoft not to create basic boilerplate to detect these issues. Would you like to run a diagnostic to see if Windows can fix this issue?

This helped. This was a such a big issue for me, as I always search to open every App I use. I would recommend trying that first since it is so easy. Also I had to look hard for command prompt to right click as admin because for some reason it is not on my quick start menue. After reading your article, I realised that it was since I had uninstalled Kaspersky. Thanks a lot for that article! Had an issue where hitting start button and typing would switch to a white search that was just blank.

None of the common fixes worked. However, I used ccleaner to clean up my registry and now everything is working well again. Hope it works for someone else. Probably a finger check when adjusting keyboard settings. In any case that completely disabled search from the box. Took me a while to figure this out: I went through all steps here, used System Restore to go back in time, run an offline Antivirus Check using Kaspersky… you name it. Thanks, restarting windows explorer helped me!

And cortana working fine as before …. Thanks a lot! The thing is.. It appears the search is working fine just in those folder I did not lock. Any solution? Thanks in advance! I opted to first start with the simplest repair method 6 — Restart Windows Explorer to get my Windows Search function working—after installing Windows 10 with May updates. It worked like a charm! Restarting windows search service fixed my start menu search problem. I ran services. What ultimately did the trick was enabling Bing search results through the registry. Then reboot your PC.

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Aug 24, at am Reply. Dec 1, at pm Reply. Could you please help. Dec 5, at pm Reply. Dec 8, at pm Reply. Update Java. Dec 22, at pm Reply. Ros M. Dec 27, at am Reply. Dec 30, at am Reply. Jan 3, at am Reply. Alex Ferdinansyah. Jan 7, at am Reply. Jan 8, at am Reply. Have tried option 4. Have tried all options suggested. How do I revert Windows 8? Jan 13, at pm Reply.

Darth Vukster. Jan 14, at am Reply. Jan 19, at am Reply. Jan 29, at am Reply. May 30, at pm Reply.

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Mar 9, at am Reply. Jan 30, at pm Reply. Jul 14, at am Reply. Oct 12, at am Reply. Feb 5, at am Reply. Feb 7, at am Reply. Feb 11, at am Reply. Feb 13, at am Reply. Aug 31, at pm Reply. Feb 14, at pm Reply. Feb 17, at pm Reply. Method: 4 works for me in my case. Feb 22, at pm Reply. Feb 24, at am Reply. Feb 29, at am Reply. Mar 4, at am Reply. Mar 15, at pm Reply. Jun 1, at am Reply.

This worked perfectly. Nothing else worked. Jul 25, at am Reply. On restart, windows basically creates a new one and everything is back to normal and working. Stay away from option 4 unless you are willing to risk it…. With the slashes.. Oct 10, at am Reply. Dear Brian, I hoped it would solve my problem, but it does not. Jun 5, at am Reply. You obviously have to do this as an admin, and not with the affected account logged in.. Jul 20, at am Reply. This helped me out.

Thanks Brian. Mar 16, at am Reply. Fan of Maketecheasier. Mar 22, at am Reply. Mark Betts. Mar 25, at am Reply. Apr 1, at am Reply. Apr 2, at pm Reply. Apr 7, at am Reply. Excellent Help. Re-register Cortana worked for me. Apr 8, at pm Reply. Apr 14, at pm Reply. Apr 15, at am Reply. Erick Garcia. Apr 24, at am Reply.

Richard Metting. Apr 29, at pm Reply. Ron Decker. Apr 30, at am Reply. Apr 30, at pm Reply. May 4, at pm Reply. May 10, at pm Reply. I do not know how Mr. Vamsi Krishna came up with the code but it surely works. May 11, at am Reply. Thanks a lot you are great my life feels relieved hah :D to me the command in the shell is what made it work. May 11, at pm Reply. May 20, at am Reply. May 21, at am Reply. May 26, at am Reply. Thank you…. Jun 2, at am Reply. Thanks a lot mate..

Samidh Mukherjee. Oct 2, at pm Reply.

Using the convenient "multi-display" function on Windows 10 | EIZO

Hi, How are you solve your problem? Ty Buchanan. Jun 3, at pm Reply. Jun 4, at am Reply. Jun 8, at pm Reply. Jun 9, at am Reply. Haha, sad thing is that is so true! Wish I could. Mukul Sharma. Jun 15, at am Reply. Jun 16, at am Reply. Thanks alot. The search service was not running. I wonder why though. Jun 17, at am Reply. I just want to find my printer and scan a photo! Jun 19, at pm Reply. Jun 24, at am Reply. Jun 28, at am Reply.

Jul 1, at pm Reply. Jul 2, at am Reply. Jul 3, at am Reply. Step 4. Re-register Cortana is work for me. Jul 10, at am Reply. Jul 13, at pm Reply. Jul 21, at am Reply. Re-register Cortana — worked for me Thanks! Vitus Polikarpus. Jul 23, at am Reply. Jul 26, at am Reply. Flynn Errol. Jul 30, at pm Reply. Great article solved my Win 10 search problem completely. Aug 9, at pm Reply. Will Turner. Aug 17, at am Reply. Aug 19, at pm Reply. Thank you for helping and I am pleased with your service. Aug 22, at pm Reply. Aug 25, at am Reply.

Aug 25, at pm Reply. Aug 27, at pm Reply. Sep 13, at am Reply. Oct 2, at am Reply. AddAppxPackageCommand what can i do???? Ari Bintang. Oct 15, at pm Reply. Ha Mocani. Sep 15, at am Reply. Excellent Article!! Thanks for sharing technical information. Bob B. Sep 20, at pm Reply. Option 4 worked — Thanks! Sep 27, at am Reply. Sep 27, at pm Reply. Nov 3, at am Reply.

Nov 4, at am Reply. Nov 9, at pm Reply. Nov 12, at pm Reply. Windows search bar is work in administration not in user pan. Robert Chase. Dec 11, at am Reply. Windows 10 file searching is definitely broken — what BS! Dec 24, at pm Reply. Jan 25, at pm Reply. Jan 27, at pm Reply. Jan 31, at am Reply. Thanks a lot, PC reboot followed by the windows explorer restart solved my problem.


Rudy Hermawan. Vamsi Krishna. Feb 13, at pm Reply. Feb 16, at am Reply. Bill Jobs. Mar 2, at am Reply. Sounds weird, but worked for me. Cookies are small text files written by a web browser that contain information about your interaction with one specific site.

They include information like your username for logins or what you bought on a retail website. It lets you easily delete cookies, control browsing data, and specify what sort of files it should accept or block. Once the new tab opens, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Advanced. Look to the bottom and click on Clear browsing data.

Note that Google will sync this action with your other devices where this Google account is signed in. If your Google account is synced to other devices, it will also clear cookies on those. Step 1: Click on the three-line icon in the top-right corner. In the drop-down menu, select Options. Look for the heading Cookies and Site Data. A window appears with a search field for locating a specific cookie, and a list of all cookies stored on your device.

Unlike Chrome and Firefox, Safari only stores cookies from websites you visit. Since the Windows version of Safari has been discontinued, our instructions will focus on the MacOS version. You can, however, ask websites not to track you the Do Not Track feature , or have Safari attempt to block cross-site tracking. From there, hit Edit , tap the red circle next to the specific cookie you want to remove and delete it.

Step 1: Click on the three-dot Settings icon in the top right-hand corner.