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I would like to make it again but with some fragrance this time. Because of all of the different oils it seems to already have a slight fragrance. Do you have a fragrance you would recommend? One that would mix well with those oil scents already present? Most soaps if kept unfragranced will have the slight smell of the oils and butter used in it.

I am going to replace it on all of the recipes I have, but I want to get the same hardness on the bar as well as the lather. But, you can always add similar ingredients to get as close to it as you can. You can also go with a salt water solution, which helps to harden up your soap. You can see an example of that in this blog post:.

I have only made one batch of cp soap so far and it turned out great. I am looking forward to trying your recipes. My question is — do you have to compensate for temperatures for low flash point of essential oils? But if you were worried about it, soap at degrees to be on the extra safe side! I have a 5lb wooden soap box hubby made me does the recipe make that much? I would need to add for this size box. Even if a recipe is already superfatted, you will be able to change that by using the lye calculator.

It will automatically adjust the ingredients to reflect the superfat that you would like to use. They have a great selection of Bramble Berry products. I have been stalking your site and reading lots of posts on cold process soap making. I will be giving the lots of lather bars a go next week. I will be getting all the oils from the super market.

I live in Atlanta, GA if that matters at all. Also when it comes to palm oil cani use something else or will the soap not be as good? What does palm oil do for this particular soap? Also will evco be okay touse instaed of egular coconut oil…idint see it at my localstores. We are so happy that you are getting into soaping, you are going to have so much fun!

Just make sure to use the lye calculator to adjust your recipe if you change anything. Not a silly question at all! Lye is essential to all cold process soapmaking recipes and is what makes soap…well, soap! If you want to avoid handling lye, you can go with a couple different methods of soapmaking, like rebatch or melt and pour.

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Rebatch soap is cold process soap already hardened and cured, but you can fragrance and color it. It has a rustic look to it, but you are able to make you cold process soap without handling lye. Here are some great links to check out:. Melt-and-Pour soaping is the easiest kind of soaping you will fined.

Hi, sorry — complete beginner! Hi — what is the superfat discount recommended for the moisturizing soap? I need to reduce the total recipe and not sure what to use in the lye calcuator. Thank you! Do I need to modify the recipe at all if adding them? I made one batch of soap without essential oils and it turned out great, and the second batch I made I added 1. Both have been curing for only 3 days but the batch with essential oils is not yet completely firm to the touch.

I use about. Which essential oils did you use? Or maybe did you use citrus essential oils? Thank you for your answer. Will that cause it to be slower to firm up? And yes, I definitely poured the second batch at a thinner trace than the second batch. Thanks so much for you response and help.

Thanks…whoops I said Tarrow instead of Talow. Freudian slip. Thanks again, and I definitely will be checking out the site for some extra ingredients once I try a basic recipe. No worries Dave, I understood what you were asking! Great Blog. I am about to try my first recipe because I have an overabundance of beef fat from the raw food I make for my dog.

For the recipes listed here would I just substitute the palm oil with the tarrow? The tallow will make a great substitution in this recipe where the palm oil was. Just make sure you run it through the lye calculator again because the tallow and palm oil have different saponifcation values! But when we list our soaps on our websites, in the descriptions of them can we put information like:. Is that the same as making claims or is it just providing information about the product say from the websites of the suppliers we get the product from?

I know it can be all a bit confusing, but you are on the right track. With any type of cosmetics or soaps, you cannot claim that it heals, cures, etc. If you still have more questions, the FDA has put out a free guide on how to label your cosmetic items. And the book Soap And Cosmetic Labeling Book by Marie Gale is a great resource if you are having trouble figuring out how to label your items. I ran the numbers on your Lots of Lather recipe through Soap Calc. Hi again from across the pond, I want to try your lots of lather soap but am out of olive oil can I substitute rapeseed oil for it?

Hello again Lindsey! You can totally sub out the Olive Oil for Rapeseed Oil, but just remember, whenever you are subbing, you need to run it through the lye calculator! Would you still suggest soaping at or should I drop the temps? Also, can I still use the low end of the liquid amount or do you suggest full amount? Love your recipes btw!! Thanks so much! You are going to want to lower the temperature a bit, as Coconut Milk has been known to cause what we call a soap volcano if it gets to hot! You can still use the low end of the liquid amount, as it really depends on your preference!

It turned out fine but developed a white film on top of the loaf — do you know what this could be? Additional details: I used palm kernel oil along with olive and coconut in the amounts suggested and scented with lavender, peppermint, sweet orange, and ylang ylang EOs. The loaf is topped with dried lavender and rose petals.

I Ph-tested it inside and out including white area and all tested fine around 8. Please let me know what you think — I could email a picture if that would help too. Thanks — great blog! Sounds like soda ash? If it is soda ash, the soap is still perfectly good hence the pH tests so no worries there. Should get rid of a good amount of it! Can I substitute the water for goats milk? I live making these recipes they turn out great and want to know if i use 16oz of the milk if that will work our okay? You can sub the GM for the water — just know that the soap will smell pretty foul for about a week AND might be a darker tan color.

Go for it — the soap will turn out wonderfully! I recently made a batch of CP soap and let it hit light trace. Normally I mix a little longer but usually have to spoon it out as it becomes thick. This time after it hit light to medium trace I poured it into mold. Is it just going to take a little longer to harden up or do I have to do something else to it?

Whats the difference between light and heavy trace? Thanks Scott. Too soft? It might be the recipe? Light trace versus heavy trace — think pudding heavy trace versus a hemp milk latte light trace or cake batter thin heading to medium trace. Aw, thanks for letting me know. I have literally spent the entire month of January reading as much as I can about making CP soap. My question: is there an ideal room or outside temperature for making soap and particularly for curing the soap. How about humidity? I live by the Atlantic Ocean and we get rather humid.

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Any advise would be appreciated. You have the most informative blog! You will find that your soap does change from winter to summer because of the ambient temperature, humidity etc… but they are small changes. Have a fun time with your foray into soap. A range is listed because the less water you use, the faster the soap traces AND the faster it dries out during the curing time. I want to make it on a larger scale…could I get the recipe in percentages? Sorry for that confusing last email. I am a very big fan and also a customer.

I have a question about color. I have only worked with CP soap and I would love to marble my cp soap. I purchased a liquid blue, however, no color change. I usually use green clay for color and the bubbles are still white, but I would love to try another color that my bubbles will not change colors. What are a few colors that will not bleed in cp soap when washing? I will incorporate the colors in your moisture recipe.

Very big fan and also a customer. I usually use green clay for green suds are white, but I would love to try another color. What are a few colors that will not bleed in cp soap when washing with it? Any soap colorant will lather bubbles if you use too much — and red iron oxide is incredibly powerful. If I had done that same amount with Red Iron Oxide, it would lather red. How does one compensate for oz of fragrance oil in a recipe? You can use all the way up to 19 ounces and all the way down to The lower range will provide a soap that moves faster in the mold not good for a newbie but also gets harder faster curing the curing and drying process.

For you? You do not need to take into account the fragrance oil when working with the lye. The fragrance oil does not act like a fixed oil in the soap recipe. Ok I believe I have the cold process technique ……. I want to add color and fragrance now….. Me again…. I did tried the lots of lather recipe a second time, and it worked perfectly. BUT, I have tried making the moisturizing recipe three times now along with a blend of sandalwood cybilla and jasmine dreams and I keep running into the same problem.

I reach trace fine when blending it all together, it goes into the mold nicely, I insulate it and wait 24 hours. When I unmold the soap and test the outside of it with a ph strip, it tests very high, in the 12 — 14 range. But when I slice it up and test the inside it tests in an acceptable 8 — 10 range. What would cause the outer edges to be a higher ph level than the inside?

I have read that if the soap tests higher than 12 it should be thrown out. Any thoughts? I really appreciate the help. How does it test out after weeks of cure time? My first thought is that the soap in the middle went through gel phase so neutralized faster? Thanks Diana. The lid helps but the towel just gives it a little more insulation.

I would love to try your Moisturizing recipe and have everything but Jojoba. I wanted to order some but its super expensive! Is there an alternative to this oil that will give me a similar outcome? Nothing is similar to jojoba unfortunately.

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It is a liquid wax that acts very different than any other soap oils. That said, you could always use the lye calculator to re-do the recipe and put Hemp Oil in its place? Thank you Courtney….. Is that a stupid question? The first batch I made was a little difficult to get out maybe I should have put it in the refrigerator? And if so for how long? Or can I grease the dividers with olive oil? Thanks Courtney Diana. You do not need to line the dividers — just make the lining for the box and put the liners in.

The dividers are a little difficult to get out. Qwentin is 6 months old, full of laughs, but needs a little help with his soap. Oh definitely! Also, the longer it takes to trace. And the softer the soap is.

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Good luck — and let me know how it goes! I continued to blend and stir to get everything mixed together but it was so thick like a thick pudding that the mixture was lumpy, I used a whisk to smooth things out and then spooned it into my wooden mold. Also, where did I go wrong? Thanking you in advance for your help! Okay, I jut got home today and took the soap out of the mold…. Any advice? It was all mixed together and very thick, how do I avoid this in the future? Do you want me to look at a photo? You can email it to me at info at brambleberry dot com. It sounds like the stick blender staying in one place may be the culprit?

Generally, I turn my stick blender on in pulses and then move the stick blender around a lot to ensure that there is never an area that gets too thick too fast. I seriously just turned the blender on and right where it was the mixture was instantly thick — so then I tried to mix mix mix like a mad woman to get everything blended in. Maybe my temps were off somehow and the soap siezed? It could be that the temps were low and it started setting up faster than usual. We are ready to take the next step to CP but have silicone molds that are specific to our product…will we be able to use our silicone molds with CP?

My soap was a success with 1 batch. Thought I would try making more with long weekend. Should I be searching for a certain Palm Oil if I try to find in stores tomorrow, I do not recall find in grocery stores though. Thanks so much for sharing your recipes Connie.

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