Princess Crazy Hair: (Teaches Colors, Counting and Days of the Week) (ages 2-5, Easy Reader)

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Creep by Eireann Corrigan Oct. After moving into a new house, a family finds that someone—or something—does not want them there. Rated by Melissa Grey Sept. Shadowscent by P. Freestone Nov. Caster by Elsie Chapman Sept. Aza unwittingly accepts an invitation to a high-stakes, underground magic fighting tournament.

Ages 13— Revenge of the Invisible Boy Oct. Stine, ages 8— Paws vs. Claws Sept. Wildfire by Rodman Philbrick Sept. Sam relies on survival skills he learned from his late father to escape the raging wildfire that ravages his Maine summer camp. This chunky board book with sliding tabs introduces dinosaurs. Teeny Tiny Santa by Rachel Matson, illus.

A teeny tiny fox in a teeny tiny village gets a special Christmas visitor. Twas the Night Before Christmas! Where Is Fuzzy Penguin? Ages 2—4. Future Baby by Lori Alexander, illus. When Penelope wakes up with sparkling red hair, she discovers her father is a wizard and she has inherited his powers.

Frostfire by Jamie Smith Oct. Sabira is among those chosen to journey to the top of a glacier, a feat that will guarantee her a life of importance. Bone Talk by Candy Gourlay Nov. In the late 19th century, a boy and a girl in the Philippines contemplate the future of their friendship as Americans invade their country. Legends of the Sky by Liz Flanagan Oct. This fantasy centers on a servant girl who witnesses a murder and finds herself caring for the last remaining dragon eggs.

Guts by Raina Telgemeier Sept. An astronaut stuck in a time loop meets his past and future selves. Martin, illus. Sunny by Jennifer L. Holm, illus.

Sutherland, illus. Freddy schemes to get a selfie with Santa, fresh out of the chimney. The students from an orphanage school and a posh boarding school face off in an athletic tournament in their magical town. Liberty feels like her whole world is falling from space when divorce begins to affect all members of her family.

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Rowling, illus. I Love My Glam-Ma! Gomez, illus. River by Elisha Cooper Oct. A traveler and her canoe take a scenic journey down the Hudson River. Anthropomorphized organs and body parts investigate the science behind what the brain helps us do. Monkey and Cake by Drew Daywalt, illus.

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And Mac B. Fake by Donna Cooner Oct. Fed up with being the butt of jokes, Maisie goes online and creates a fake profile to take her bullies down. Just Lucky by Melanie Florence Sept.

‘3. The First Days of School’

After her grandfather dies and her grandmother develops dementia, Lucky must navigate the foster care system. A boy with a fertile imagination frees zoo animals and takes a magical airship ride. The Lizard by Jose Saramago, trans. Borges Oct. A lizard in Lisbon surprises passers-by and mobilizes firefighters and the army. Long Summer Nights by Aharon Appelfeld, trans. Three outcasts contend with the complicated world of predators and prey in high school. And Potion Masters by Frank L.

Cole concludes with The Seeking Serum Jan. Counting Sheep by Maggie Fischer, illus. Little sheep count down to bedtime. Ages up to 2. Says Duck by Gareth Lucas Jan. A mother duck tries to quiet her fellow farm animals so her egg can have some peace. Peek-a-Boo Baby Jan. Babies play peekaboo with animals. Says Dog by Rachel Elliot, illus. Various artists illustrate these bedtime stories. Love from Me to You by Patricia Hegarty, illus. Rudolph and the Reindeer Games Sept.

Smith Sept. A mouse delivers a lost letter to Santa on Christmas Eve. Ages 6—8. Hide-and-Seek issues On the Farm Jan. Silly Sounds revs up with Ready, Set Froeb Nov. New to Bone Collection by Rob Colson, illus. This actor shares a story about colorism, self-esteem, and learning that true beauty comes from within. Sweep by Louise Greig, illus. A Korean girl helps a spirit tiger who inadvertently swallows the sun. Vita devises a plan to outwit the conman who swindled her grandfather out of his home and possessions.

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A girl healing from a disfiguring accident finds comfort in magical nighttime adventures with her new neighbors. Wynne Oct. With the help of a magical key, Cam searches for his missing friend, in the sequel to The Hotel Between. Ages 10—up. Pearson Oct. Cursed by Thomas Wheeler, illus. The Lady of the Lake is the true hero in this novel offering a twist on the King Arthur legend. Permanent Record by Mary H. Choi Sept. Two sisters have 24 hours to fulfill a pact and challenge the secret that threatens to tear them apart. Charlie Numbers Adventures by. And Cold Falling White by G. Prendergast Nov.

Fearless Amy Wu is determined to make a perfect bao bun. One More Hug by Megan Alexander, illus. A hug from his mother reassures an anxious boy, even as he gets older. Lulu, who can remember nearly every moment in her life, shares a special bond with Gram, who has become absentminded.

Moth tries to survive middle school after discovering her magical powers. A tween reporter uses the power of the pen to activate social change at school. Dinosaur That Dragonling by Jackie French Koller, illus. Jeter Publishing rolls out Ida B. Wells by Diane Bailey Aug. And Fractured Futures Dec.

Key Stage 2 (7-11yrs)

By and By by Carole Boston Weatherford, illus. Cuddle Monkey by Blake Liliane Hellman, illus. A monkey looks for the perfect cuddle while his parents are busy with his new baby brother. Mafalda hides the fact that she is going blind from her family and friends. Kasper Kramer Oct. An inquisitive polar bear befriends an array of animals as he discovers where he belongs. The Green Children of Woolpit by J. Anderson Coats Sept.

In a story based on British legend, Agnes encounters two otherworldly children—and an evil ancient bargain. Roll with It by Jamie Sumner Oct. Ellie, an aspiring chef with cerebral palsy, faces big adjustments when she moves to a new town and school. People Books by Lisa Wheeler, illus. Crocodile heads to Italy in this sequel to I, Crocodile , published in Oh, Rats! In this graphic memoir, Bryan shows how love and art sustained him while he served in the segregated army during WWII.

Ages up to 8. Go, Girls, Go! What Riley Wore by Elana K. Arnold, illus. Gender-creative Riley knows just what to wear for every occasion during a busy week with family and friends. Ages 3—8. Pluto Gets the Call by Adam Rex, illus. Oil by Jonah Winter, illus. Roly Poly by Mem Fox, illus.

What happens when a polar bear gets a little brother he did not ask for? Busy Bus by Jody Jensen Shaffer, illus.

Rock-a-Bye, Dino by Hannah Eliot, illus. Various dinosaurs get ready for bedtime. A little chick searches for its mama. Ages up to 4. Cardona Sept. Shaped like a handprint turkey Thanksgiving craft, this book lists things to be thankful for. Ages up to 5. Silly Lullaby by Sandra Boynton Aug. Happy Heart by Hannah Eliot, illus. Ages 1—5. Welcome, Baby! Everybody Needs a Buddy by Ellen Jackson, illus. What happens when 15 bunnies plant a garden? Ages 2—5. In this wordless picture book, Spot the cat and a dog named Dot have an adventure in the city.

Hello Books by Joan Holub, illus. And Wheels on the The Itsy Bitsy Angel Sept. This Little by Joan Holub, illus. Bots by Russ Bolts, illus. And Super Turbo by Lee Kirby, illus. A ball deals with his envy when a floating balloon has him feeling down. Two curious kids exploring their backyard contemplate their place within our universe. Gregory Christie Jan. Butzer Oct. Scientists assemble the bones of the very first dinosaur. Songs from the Deep by Kelly Powell Nov. A girl searches for a killer on an island where deadly sirens lurk just beneath the waves.

Ages 12—up. Muslim Girls Rise by Saira Mir, illus. Ages 6—up. The Battle by Karuna Riazi Aug. The evil game Architect is at it again in this follow-up to The Gauntlet. More to the Story by Hena Khan Sept. Ali is swept up in a whirlwind romance and encounters dark family secrets when another Taiwanese family moves to her Midwestern town. Slay by Brittney Morris Sept. A teenage game developer battles a real-life troll intent on ruining the Black Panther —inspired video game she created. Start Here by Trish Doller Aug.

Two teens go on a life-changing sailing trip as they grieve the loss of their best friend. Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw Nov. A boy, believed to be missing, emerges from the magical woods—and falls in love with the witch determined to unravel his secrets. As Zoey desperately tries to protect her family from their violent father, she finds safety and romance with an ex-Marine. Ages 16—up. Mortal Coil Jan. Containment Aug.

Watership Down by Frank Cottrell-Boyce, illus. Angelina Ballerina twirls on in Angelina Loves Dec. My First by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, illus. Take the New York Times as an example. Setting itself the task of doubling digital revenue in 5 years, it set its staff a huge goal but also one that inspired. As a result of this aspirational thinking, its digital subscription revenue is growing at a strong pace to 1. And it's this type of thinking that will continue to help them thrive and grow. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Happy reading Understanding Digital Culture Bookeveryone.

This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Library availability. Buy on campus from Wordery. Have you read this?

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Understanding Digital Culture. Library Services How do I set a reading intention To set a reading intention, click through to any list item, and look for the panel on the left hand side:. Understanding Digital Culture Sharing learnings and insights between departments is paramount to a productive and effective digital culture.