Reagan Diaries Volume 1: January 1981-October 1985

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Verified Purchase. For all those critics that claim Ronald Reagan was let's see, if I can remember all the bashing comments He had a vision when he came into office and started from day one to get this country back on the right track economically and defensively. Boy, we could sure use him now! February 24, - Published on Amazon. Awesome to learn how a great man did what he did in spite of the challenges he had, including alzheimers.

The Reagan Diaries Unabridged

November 12, - Published on Amazon. A must read and have for anyone wanting to know President Reagan and understand why he was great. Better than all the biographies written about him. Puts to rest the falsehoods about him and allows you to see his greatness, the intelligence behind it, the great depth of his character and commitment to the job he took on. If you loved President Reagan you will love his diary and if you didn't it may change your mind to new found respect.

The abridged version is a must as a minimum.

President Reagan's Interview with Reader's Digest on June 10, 1985

December 11, - Published on Amazon. If you want the true journey of Regan's life in the White House, then this collection is not for you. While it will look nice in your library, it is a dull read. In fact, it's probably the politically motivated journal I've ever read.

Reagan Memorial Day speech - video dailymotion

Aka, mr. Ronald, being the scrupulous careful politician he was, knew they were going to be published, and was writing as if a censor was overlooking.

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Now a true account, one with some humanity in it, would have been worth the money. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide.

Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Description During his two terms as the fortieth president of the United States, Ronald Reagan kept a daily diary in which he recorded, by hand, his innermost thoughts and observations on the extraordinary, the historic, and the routine day-to-day occurrences of his presidency.

Presidency of Ronald Reagan

Now, nearly two decades after he left office, this remarkable record--the only daily presidential diary in American history--is available for the first time. Brought together in one volume and edited by historian Douglas Brinkley, The Reagan Diaries provides a striking insight into one of this nation's most important presidencies and sheds new light on the character of a true American leader.

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  6. Whether he was in his White House residence study or aboard Air Force One, each night Reagan wrote about the events of his day, which often included his relationships with other world leaders Mikhail Gorbachev, Pope John Paul II, Mohammar al-Qaddafi, and Margaret Thatcher, among others, and the unforgettable moments that defined the era--from his first inauguration to the end of the Cold War, the Iran hostage crisis to John Hinckley Jr.

    The Reagan Diaries reveals more than just Reagan's political experiences: many entries are concerned with the president's private thoughts and feelings--his love and devotion for Nancy Reagan and their family, his belief in God and the power of prayer.