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Let us know in the comments! When she's not typing out blog posts or crafting killer social media campaigns, you can find her lounging in a hammock with an epic fantasy novel. Home Blog. Learn at your own pace Create your own unique learning plan on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Get certified Track your progress and receive an accredited certificate that can help boost your LinkedIn profile and CV. Learn online. For your startup Learn how Jonathon Blackburn transformed his business after attending Digital Garage.

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Blogging is a type of social media marketing, which is why the entire chapter of this e-book is devoted to explaining what blogging is and which platforms you can use for blogging. You will also find out about recommendations related to improving your blogging activity. Social Media Engagement. In this chapter you will learn about the term of social media engagement, why it is important to work on increasing engagement, and how to increase social media engagement.

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Social Media and Target Audience. Target audience is the group of people you are trying to reach, and here you will learn about how to define your target audience, how to use social media to learn more information about your target audience and how to target the people you are trying to reach through social media. Sharing Content on Social Media. Sharing content on social media includes sharing different types of content, such as photos, graphics, videos, and links.

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You will learn some important things to have in mind when sharing content in order to make sure you get the most out of it. Social Bookmarking Websites. This chapter introduces the topic of social bookmarking websites and how those can help with promoting your content and reaching more people. Recommendations on the most popular social bookmarking websites you can use are also part of this section. Approach to Social Media. Defining your approach is important part of successful social media marketing, which is why this chapter contains some of the best tips to help you refine your approach and learn how to be more successful on social media.

This chapter features recommendations on what to do and what not to do on social media, and how those actions reflect on your business and popularity of your social media accounts. Social Media Strategy. Detailed guide on how to create and implement your own social media strategy is going to help you boost the performance of your social media accounts.

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Tips on Using Social Media in Marketing. This chapter contains some of the tips on how to optimize your social media accounts and how to evaluate the performance of social media accounts. Using Social Media for Promotion. There are two types of promotion available on social media, paid advertising and free promotion. Learn about both of these and which one you should use for your business. How to Promote Using Social Media.

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Here you will learn how you can use social media for promotions and how different approaches can be used to develop social media promotion strategy. Social Media ROI. ROI helps you compare your investment and the results, which is perfect for evaluating the achievement of your goals, providing insight into efficiency of social media activity.

Using Social Media for Branding. In this chapter you will learn what branding is, how social media is connected with branding and how being active on social media can help you with branding. Using Social Media for Establishing Relationship. Social networks are based on user interaction, which is why establishing relationships via social networks is very important in order to be successful in social media marketing. Social Media and SEO. Both social media and SEO are part of internet marketing, and in this chapter you will learn how those two are connected. Tools for Managing Social Media.

This chapter includes recommendations on which tools to use to plan, manage and monitor the activity of your social media accounts. Social Analytics. Monitoring the performance of social accounts is very important, which is why you need to learn what social analytics is and how to use those metrics to increase your performance. Automation and Social Media. In this chapter you will find out how automation is used in social media marketing, as well as some benefits and disadvantages of automation you should be aware of. Social Media and Other Types of Marketing.

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This is where you will find out more about other types of internet marketing and how they are connected to social media marketing. Social Media Marketing Glossary. The glossary contains all of the most important terms related to social media marketing which will help you understand the content of this e-book and it can always be used as a reference. Sample Questions. The book ends with explaining the importance of social media in modern business, and how social networks have become part of internet marketing. Everything you find on eMarketing Institute is absolutely free.

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