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Retrieving his bicycle from the station the week after he died was a horribly poignant moment. When you lose someone like this nothing else is important - the credit crunch, everything, it's all unimportant by comparison. Whether drugs legislation works is a moot point. Prohibition tends to send drugs underground which doesn't help parents and brings in racketeers.

Reclassifying ecstasy as a Class B drug, putting it alongside cannabis, will make it look as though it's a leisure drug, which it isn't. That was 14 years ago. Now he says taking ecstasy has ruined his life. Panic attacks, depression, not able to think straight, poor memory - I suffer from all of these and it seems to have started when I was taking ecstasy. I took it about 20 times in total, over about two years. Compared to other people I knew who took it I was a very light user, but it has really affected my mind. I don't understand why the government is thinking of changing its classification from A to B.

Ecstasy has mentally ruined my life. At the time, I was taking it socially with a group. A few people decided to try it and I did too, not thinking of the consequences. I just thought all I had to do was drink a lot of water. I really regret getting in with that group of people.

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Various types of ecstasy pills The worst thing is the panic attacks and the depression. Even 14 years later they still affect me. I get feelings of sheer panic.

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I don't want to be where I am or to be around people. I get breathless and have a feeling of everything being surreal. I started getting this within months of taking ecstasy but I didn't make the connection right away. It took me a period of time to realise that it was the ecstasy that wasn't doing me any good. To anyone thinking of taking it, I'd say don't. Those moments of pleasure you get in a club just aren't worth the panic attacks and the depression you have for years afterwards.

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I've been on anti-depressants for 14 years to try to deal with the issues it has brought up. They affect every part of my life. At work sometimes I know I might not feel confident and I have panic attacks.

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I've told my doctor that I believe it's all related to taking ecstasy, but he just puts me on anti-depressants. There's a an 18 month waiting list for counselling and nothing else for support. It makes me angry to think they are considering downgrading ecstasy, as it messes with people's minds. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I regret ever having taken ecstasy, but I can't turn the clock back. All I can do is try to put other people off taking it.

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The history of artistic hallucination corresponds to the age of the sciences and techniques of the psyche psychiatry, experimental psychology and psychoanalysis. These two processes are constantly intermingled. The history of artistic hallucination thus intersects with the discovery of the art of the insane, but is not reducible to it, insofar as it also concerns those who have never been subjected to psychiatric diagnosis. The chief developments in this history have to do either with specific experiences, sometimes marked by madness and time in the asylum, or with established trends and movements: Romanticism, Symbolism, Expressionism, Surrealism, psychedelia.

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Two British artists have, in different ways, embodied the eccentric posture of visionary and hallucinatory fantasy: William Blake — and Richard Dadd — The former laid claim to supernatural inspiration that was taken for delirium; the latter succumbed to delirium. But in both cases the hallucinatory vision emerged from an activity, and it produced works. One of the great painters of the past 50 years, the German Sigmar Polke , referred to these two artists.

In the s, when the norm of Pop and conceptual art had little to do with this kind of fantasy, he claimed, with prudent irony, to be in telepathic communication with Blake. His self-portrait displayed the fundamental ambivalence of ecstatic vision, divided between terror and joy, which defines the artistic hallucination and condenses, as realism itself demands, the dramatic content of the present.

Polke is the artist who combined and condensed the different directions taken by artistic hallucination, to the point of giving a veritable synthesis of them. In he made a large painting entitled Hallucinogen , constructed on the relationship between bands of violet, highlighted in white, and an earthy or cloudy ground. This violet was already present in the three Negativwert Negative Value paintings of It is also a threshold colour; the last one in the light spectrum, before the ultraviolet rays, which are invisible to the naked eye.

In introducing violet into the colour field of the painting, Polke was going to the boundaries of the visible. The visible and the invisible communicate as form and formlessness do. The pictorial field is thus the space, inaugurated by Turner, of a power of colour that is both irruptive and expansive. One might be tempted to see Surrealism as an early accomplishment of the artistic hallucination before the psychedelic movement ; a kind of fusion of Rimbaudian clairvoyance, a reasoned occultism and the new tool of knowledge forged by Freud. The collage satirically combines three areas: religion, war and fashion.

Against the naturalisation of the supernatural, Ernst set the humour, the contrasts and the hallucinatory combinations of modern life. This was the route taken by the artists who emerged from the Dadaist revolt against the religious dogmas and elevated values of official culture. He or she stops before a flooded hole and gazes into it and for some reason imagines the ocean bottom.

This programme cannot restrict itself to the objective, current data of sensory perception; it must integrate received images , found or hallucinated. The twofold nature, realistic and hallucinatory, of the environment described in The Flooded Grave arises out of a pictorial tradition that brought together a descriptive view and visionary apparition. The hallucinatory grip governs the contrasting psychological modes, between terror and joy, of metamorphosis.

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  • The Surrealist object, assembled, cobbled together, is not a sculpture, but an hallucination materialised and given concrete form.