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Yang Hengda and Dennis P. Its outcome is a form of moral leadership capable of sustaining common good, inasmuch as the proper ordering of personal and social relationships becomes as natural as breathing. Can virtue be taught? Confucian ethics does not answer this question directly or in abstract philosophical terms.

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Its focus is practical, and therefore it demonstrates how virtue can be taught by actually teaching it. Though the examples discussed in the Analects exhibit a specific concern for training Chinese elites in the art of governing well, Confucius makes clear that the Way forward is open to anyone who is willing to study hard and practice the art of self-cultivation. Such a summary might actually be counterproductive pedagogically, since the point of Confucian study—which consists primarily of conversations with the Master among his students—is to learn from concrete examples of how and how not to behave, think and feel, consistent with becoming genuinely human.

Education in the Confucian Way, therefore, is not about memorising a series of basic principles and concepts.

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This much we can infer from the narratives of the Analects. Occasionally, however, the Analects offers a concise statement of principle that unlocks the meaning of the collected narratives. What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others. The parent nurtures the child for three years, and the child eventually mourns the parent for three years. Note, however, that reciprocity occurs within a relationship that unfolds over time; it cannot be experienced except in a relationship that is inevitably asymmetrical. Over time it will learn what is expected by way of filial piety, and those expectations will change as the child eventually becomes responsible for its parents.

Confucius--The Analects

Even today, though the contexts in which filial piety and reciprocity may have changed, the ideal of Junzi leadership is still informed by these constants. A leader following the Junzi ideal will start with a core assumption about his rivals, his employees, and all the stakeholders based on what he knows about himself. A Junzi leader must love all people and be just and fair to them. The attitude to oneself and to others should be equally the same. How one learns to live by the Golden Rule is not a spontaneous result of experience. The proper rituals communicate who we are—that is, the objective nature of the relationships in which we find ourselves—and what we must do to achieve harmony with Heaven, Earth, and Humanity as a whole.

This is a hallmark of Junzi leadership, insofar as good governance depends on calling things by their proper names and acting accordingly. The duke Jing, of Qi, asked Confucius about government. The rules of propriety li provide us with the proper understanding of the roles and situations in which a person must act virtuously. If he still has energy to spare after all this, he should study the classics. In Chapter 4 , Zengzi , one of his later followers, describes exactly how he applies this process in his daily life.

Have I been sincere in my interactions with friends? Have I practiced what I have been taught? Progress in learning should not therefore be measured in terms of external recognition and rewards, but in how well you apply and share your knowledge in a social context. He shows no respect for the great men and looks down on the words of the sages.

He tried to scare people with these three monstrous things and compel them to submit to the rule of the slave-owners for ever.

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He was correct on this point. The slaves and Legalists had no fear of the so-called will of heaven, the political power of the slave-owning class was precisely what they wanted to overthrow, and the words of the sages were exactly what they wanted to criticize. What they did was to rise in revolution and rebellion. Chen Sheng, the leader of the first great peasant uprising in Chinese history which took place in B. Those who acquire knowledge through learning rank lower.

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Those who have difficulty but learn rank still lower. Those who have difficulty and refuse to learn are the lowest—the common people. Here Confucius shamelessly praised the slave-owners and viciously attacked the working people.

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This is out-and-out idealist apriorism. Confucius talked about different ranks, actually he put people into only two ranks. But you were twice chased out of the State of Lu, you could not remain in the State of Wei a ducal state in the northern part of present-day Honan Province , you failed to find a way out in the State of Chi, and were besieged and hungry for days in Chen and Tsai two ducal states in what is now the eastern part of Honan Province and a part of Anhwei Province.

There is no place for you to stay in this vast world…. After all, what is your preaching worth? We workers have a deep understanding of this point. When our No.

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Learning while doing, we gradually learnt the art of it and are now turning out several hundred kinds of steel as against a dozen at the beginning. Many experienced veteran workers can judge the temperature of the molten steel by its colour and the carbon content by its sparks.

It has been proved by facts that true knowledge comes from practice and ability grows out of struggle.