The Lost Temple of Java

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Reaching enlightenment and protecting the Borobudur Temple - Maria Baias

Remarkably, this massive construction lay deserted and obscured by jungle for over years, only to be to be re-discovered by none other than famous Englishman Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. Following a recent complete renovation of its 1. Why was it built? What do the carvings tell, and what was their purpose?

How was it constructed?

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It was THAT pretty. You can decide to walk around the complex, but for a few euros you can go horseback riding like I did. They also have enough food and water in their stalls. The ride took about an hour: first up the hill, later on going down the hill. We stopped at several temples and even at a hot spring.

We were there almost by ourselves.

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The tour guides who hardly spoke any English told us they receive less than five foreign tourists a day. Most tourists are Indonesian, but still no more than a hundred people a day visit the big complex. It was such a gift to wander around the temples and enjoy the wonderful views of the valley. The low hanging clouds only made the whole thing dramatic and spectacular.

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Lost Temple of Java (DVD)

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