The Many Revenges of Kip Flynn

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Sean Dixon

It all started with a black rose and a rich young man. And a house with a creek running through it.

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And then there she was, Kip Flynn, standing beside her boyfriend's dead body and agreeing to take a large sum of money from the young man's father to keep quiet. As if she could have done anything. As if she could have done anything else, being so scared and grief-stricken and maybe pregnant.

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But that's not the end of it. You see, there's some kind of connection between Kip and this rich developer's son that keeps them tight in one another's orbit. So when Kip awakens from her grief, intent on revenge, they find themselves pursuing one another with a ferocity they can barely understand, one that spirals outward, with subway accidents and arson and drainpipes and backhoe wars, to envelop roommates, two guilty fathers, a window-cleaner or two, landlords, family secrets, a Vietnamese gangster, a stand-up bass player and an activist tour guide.

And concluding in the subterranean heart of Toronto itself, which, like Kip, is torn between vengefulness and growth. Sean Dixon is a novelist, playwright, and banjo player. With a gloved hand, Homelander lifts a vial, filled with a tell-tale blue serum. Keep reading. In fact, I cared so much about her happiness that I was willing to endure 6 years of living under the same roof as his self-obsessed, obnoxious, spoiled daughter, Amy.

The entire time we lived together, she would project all of her insecurities onto me in the form of insults. Being young and wildly insecure about myself, these daily insults well and truly cut me to the core and just continued the cycle of crippling insecurity. So I work at a frozen yogurt store, one of those self-serve places where you make your own and weigh it. Slightly rude or short with me is one thing, but once in a while we get a customer in who is well and truly an entitled monster, and on those occasions I wish for nothing more than the power to set people on fire with only my furious gaze.

Not a single person in this gate—once the crying of confusion stopped —has seemed apprehensive about any other person.

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They took the cookies. I wanted to hug all those other women too. This can still happen anywhere. For a great portion of my young adult life, I believed that great artists were all tortured souls. I thought that talent was something born of great personal suffering, mental illness, and a driving need to escape into creativity. I was also told by those who wanted to guide me that it would be….

The line is spoken in…. There were only to the 10,strong human chain this year. This are my thoughts at almost every deadline, but especially with this novel. The story is finally where I want it, but there are still so many rough edges I want to cry. I want every syllable to be brilliant. Never have done such hard night and day work never have so wanted anything to be good and all I have is a pile of paper covered with wrong words. Source: litquake , via malindalo. City lights photographed from the International Space Station and Neurons imaged with fluorescence microscopy.

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The New York Times would like to issue corrections for the wedding announcement of Mr. Adam Penview to Ms.

The Many Revenges of Kip Flynn | All Lit Up

We incorrectly identified in the announcement that Mr. Adam Penview and Ms. Katie Jasper were married at the Church of the Holy Trinity in…. Native Canadians are demanding action in the form of access to the basic…. Source: peteforde.

The Many Revenges of Kip Flynn

David gets turned in tomorrow, wrong words and all. PS: Thank God for copyedits.

Dorothy forever.