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The Metamorphosis Bloom's Guides. Franz Kafka. This suggests that the presence of a self-sacrificing person drains those around him.

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Although Gregor has the most obvious transformation, it seems Grete, his younger sister, changes the most throughout the story, many of these changes involving her own power and standing in the family. At first she takes on the role as his caretaker, bringing him food, cleaning his room and trying to make him as comfortable as possible in his room.

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She is his only tie to his family and really his only link to humanity. She gains the consideration of her parents, who once considered her quite useless. She however takes on her own transformation, from girl to woman. With this change, her pity for Gregor diminishes.

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When at first she had helped Gregor out of kindness, eventually she comes to regard the job as a chore. As she matures and takes on more adult responsibilities, most notably getting a job to help provide for her family financially, her commitment to Gregor diminishes.

Literary Criticism

While not as prominent as the other themes, but in correlation with power, the theme of money weaves a path through the story. Gregor is enslaved to his family because he is the only one who makes money. With the exception of his sister, the family seems to treat him not as a son, but as a source of income. When Gregor is no longer able to work after his metamorphosis, he is treated with revulsion and neglect.

Once the family begins working, they also find difficulty communicating with each other, eating dinner in silence and fighting amongst themselves. The exhaustion brought on by dehumanizing jobs and the recognition that people are only valuable so long as they earn a salary keeps them isolated from one another and unable to create real connections. This story has limited depth if the reader only takes it for its literal meaning and fails to read between the lines to discover the themes included.

The reader must delve deeper into the story in order to understand it completely. Kafka kept this story compelling with the inclusion of these themes and other symbolism. The strangeness and ambiguity he uses forces the reader to analyze its symbolic representation and finding their own personal interpretation.

Works Cited Bloom, Harold, ed. New York: Chelsea House, Eggenschwiler, David. The Metamorphosis, Freud, and the Chains of Odysseus. Print Kafka, Franz.

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The Metamorphosis. Bloom's theories have changed the way that critics think of literary tradition and has also focused his attentions on history and the Bible. He has written over twenty books and edited countless others. He is one of the most famous critics in the world and considered an expert in many fields.

In he became a founding patron of Ralston College, a new institution in Savannah, Georgia, that focuses on primary texts. Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis. The Metamorphosis , perhaps Franz Kafka's most widely read work, is the story of a traveling salesman, Gregor Samsa, who wakes one morning to find he has been transformed into a gigantic insect.


This Bloom's Guide provides the ideal introduction to this symbolic tale, which has many interpretations.