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Pablo's Art World Adventure game.

To The Rescue! – The dog shelter simulator

Go on a Treasure Quest with Barry and Kari. Get the Jobs Done in Biggleton. How well do you know Sarah and Duck?

Race the Clock: Go Jetters. Race the Clock: Go Jetters Level 2.

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Rudra To The Rescue

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All shows. Liang is an auto factory manager in Ghuangzhou, China who is tasked with the job to increase output for his car factory and improve its bottom line.

As output increases, however, Liang notices that so are by-products of waste and air pollution, as well as health problems. When a fire breaks out in the factory, Liang sets out to restructure the factory for a more sustainable, greener future. An activist and a researcher living in the United States, Professor Morris is a leading expert on global development issues with a special passion for the environment.

American Narratives: The Rescue Game

She was instrumental in creating the Global Sustainable Development Goals for the United Nations and teaches at a well-known university where she mentors young activists who promise to change the world and work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Through youth networks and emphasis on developing innovative ICT-based pedagogies, as well as initiatives in rethinking curricula, MGIEP has positioned itself as a leading institute for transformative learning for peace and sustainable development. About the Gaming Challenge. The challenge received entries from 36 countries, including 32 inter-country collaborations.


In October , after a rigorous process of mentoring by our internationally acclaimed Jury, World Rescue was chosen as the winning game design document. Literary Safari is the research and narrative design team behind the characters and stories in World Rescue.

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