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As often is the case in families where the mom is the primary breadwinner, Robert only cares about sinking money into the long game, and Frances is more focused on the here and now. Unfortunately, Max is showing sudden and extreme signs of senility. Turns out he had a stroke, but just a mini-stroke! No big deal. To Frances, it is. As Max loses focus and fumbles, Frances gets increasingly anxious, and afterward suggests that the stroke had more of an impact than he thinks. Janice dips immediately afterward. Robert hides in the bathroom, overwhelmed by his new freedom. He confirms that he slept with someone else, rubbing it in just a little.

Getting some put things in perspective for Robert. And then come home to me. And fake your way through conversation, and through dinner with the kids. Through sex with me. And who Robert probably thinks he is most of the time. Frances holds her ground, reminding him that she may have betrayed their marriage physically, but he betrayed it financially.

The automatic calculation of child support may come as a relief to many families, where child support payments are deliberately missed or reduced. When it comes to parenting arrangements, such a computer system may offer enormous savings to families who face no other option than to go to court.

This Dutch technology is also being rolled out in Canada and the UK.

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Canada ismoving the technology into debt and tenancy issues. The province of British Columbia will be using it initially to set-up an online Civil Resolution Tribunal to deal with condominium disputes.

Technology on the Rise and Robot Divorce Lawyers - Ohio Family Law Blog

The dispute resolution software is helpful in getting people to work out a resolution in conjunction with their respective lawyers. Bevan Warner, from Victoria Legal Aid says that it is more than just a robot and can handle sensitive cases. For custody matters, for example, it will ask the ages of the children to be sensitive to their development needs. It remembers who you are and gives proposals based upon predictive results on what other people have achieved in the resolution when they come to separate.

The technology simply provides another step in the process — a robot judge before escalating to a human judge in the court. Mr Warner thinks that robot divorce is a positive move and is calling on Australia to adopt the idea. He pointed out that Australians have embraced technology for shopping, communicating, dating, house hunting, work and leisure.

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  • Why not for legal proceedings? The AI itself? Ziaja isn't promoting or rejecting robot relationships nor is she intending to offer legal advice ; all she wants to do is explore what Levy suggests will be a not-too-distant reality. If humans and robots are going to get entangled romantically, what does that mean if things go awry?

    ABC Radio “PM”: Government funds AI ‘robot lawyer’ to take divorce online

    Her analysis, relying on heart balm torts , should make any spouse contemplating love -- or just a roll in the hay -- with a robot take notice. Can robots really be homewreckers? A: If robots are designed to be social companions and sexual partners, it's foreseeable that those robots could contribute to the dissolution of relationships between humans. A: In the most basic and general sense, heart balm torts allow someone who is in a protected relationship usually marriage, but it can be parent-child to sue someone outside of that relationship for interfering with it.

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    So, for example, alienation of affections -- a type of heart balm tort -- allows a married person to sue a third-party paramour for damaging the relationship. In other words, If Alice the wife of Bob has an affair with Charles, Bob, the husband can sue Charles for money damages. Of course, the husband in this case would have to prove specific element depending on the type of tort.

    So, would it only be a problem if you lived in one those states?

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    A: The argument in my paper isn't that the heart balm torts necessarily directly apply to cases involving robots in any particular jurisdiction. Rather it is that law can adapt to new technologies by reviving old torts. Q: In what way would heart balm torts with a human-robot relationship be the same as with two humans?

    In what way would they be different? A: There is a possibility of combining social-based or emotionally based torts with more traditional product liability theory -- something that creators might want to keep an eye on.

    Just a robot, (GACHA LIFE) part 3, the divorce

    Social robots as products, because of their social nature, have the potential to cause social and emotional harm.